A guide to packing your glass decorations when moving


    No matter the household, there will always be at least something made out of glass. There is no way around it, glass is practical and beautiful. Decorations made out of glass have a special dimension to them. But this comes at a price. These decorations are extremely fragile. We all know how susceptible to damage glass is during a move. If you want to diminish the chances of something bad happening, hire some moving companies DC area. But apart from this, you can also do something yourself to ensure your decoration’s safety. If you invest time in learning about packing your glass decorations when moving, you will succeed. And we will try to help you.

    Tips for packing your glass decorations when moving

    The bad thing about damage to your glass decorations is not just the broken items, it’s that they can also damage other things and hurt people. That’s why it is in your best interest to hire movers DC. But if that is not possible for some reason, you can also be packing your glass decorations when moving. You will do it successfully by:

    • Using small boxes
    • Being generous with packing materials
    • Starting on time
    Picture of broken glass
    If you don’t succeed in packing your glass decorations when moving, they can damage other items around them

    Use small boxes

    Glass is a heavy material, especially when used for making decorations. These items are usually small in size but heavy. If you have a big box, you will want to make good use of it and fill it with items. In case you are packing pillows, go ahead. They are easy and almost impossible to damage. But glass items can’t handle that, and your back won’t either. Small boxes are ideal for glass decorations since you can only fit a few items inside. They won’t damage each other, and the risk of the box bursting open due to weight is also diminished. This is the method that all DC apartment movers use, and you should too.

    Be generous with packing materials

    Glass items benefit when transported in large amounts of packing materials. Bubble wrap and packing paper will be your best friends. We know that packing materials can break the bank, even though they might seem cheap. But your glass decorations are well worth it. You might be able to cut costs and pack some less fragile items with fewer packing materials. But your glass decorations should have at least two layers of each. When you finish wrapping, secure it with tape so that it stays in place.

    Start on time

    Packing is a notoriously boring and time-consuming process. You have to put attention to every object in your household, so you can imagine how much time it will take. If you want to significantly decrease the amount of time needed to pack, downsize your collection of items. Decorations usually have sentimental value to them, but if you know that something won’t fit in the aesthetic of your new home, give it away or sell it. This way, you will also pay less to some residential movers DC, since they charge by weight. One major factor that decides your packing success is time, so you should start packing on time. In an ideal case, you will have a few months to prepare. A rule of thumb is to start packing items that you don’t use often, in this case, this can be your glass decorations.

    Person pointing at their watch, showing that it is time for packing your glass decorations when moving
    Start packing on time, as it will take long to finish

    Conclusion on packing your glass decorations when moving

    When you see that your motivation runs thin while packing your glass decorations when moving, don’t give up. Think about the way your new home will look if they make it there in one piece. You will have a part of your old home in your new residence. If it is a timeless piece, it will stay with you wherever you move, so try your best to keep it safe. If you fear that your best isn’t enough, hire some professional packers and get it over with. We wish you good luck!

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