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Residential Moving

Enjoy a swift household move from A to B, with the skilled hands of our trustworthy residential movers in DC Area.

Commercial Moving

Save time and money by organizing a disruption-free commercial move guided by commercial moving experts with a long history.

Storage Solutions

Opt for competitively-priced Alexandria storage solutions for safekeeping your personal or business belongings.

Piano Moving

Let us assist you in making sure your valuable and delicate instrument arrives at your new place without a scratch on it.

Relocations are a lot easier if you have a reliable, trustworthy, and competent partner. You should always look for the best movers to conduct your relocation. This is precisely why you may want to choose A2B moving and Storage for your move. With over 24 years of experience in the industry, and with more than 10,000 relocations under our belt, we are confident that we can provide one of the best moving services DC for your relocation! Our team will create a smooth, efficient, and safe process, which will have you smiling from start to finish! All of our services are quite affordable, as well. Contact us today, request a free estimate and we are confident that you will love what you see and hear!

our moving services DC - a deal well struck!
You will be extremely pleased with what we have to offer!

Why should you choose A2B Moving & Storage as your moving partner?

There are many moving companies out there. What makes us better than all the others, you might ask? Well, to start with, our moving services DC are polished over the course of more than 20 years, to bring the ultimate combination of quality and affordability. We worked long and hard to get to where we are now and are confident that our selection is one of the best you can find.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience all but guarantees a process that is reliable, efficient, and extremely effective. But if you need more information, or want to know more about us in general, contact our representatives directly and ask any questions you might have. They will answer all of them to your satisfaction and explain why exactly we are the right choice for your upcoming relocation. We approach every relocation with the diligence and care that it deserves, and we leave nothing to chance.

We are professionals that provide a plethora of moving services DC

Our DC moving services are numerous and varied. We can provide a service for almost any occasion. Here’s a small list of services that you can expect from us:

But that is not our full repertoire, so to speak. We are able to create a solution to any moving problem and can provide a service for any relocation type. If you don’t happen to see a service that you require on the list, you can always contact us directly and ask for it! Our team of experts will be able to either provide the exact service that you are looking for or come to a solution that will satisfy you. As for the cost, you can always apply for a free estimate. But we assure you that our prices are created with the customer in mind, which means that they are quite affordable.

Local and long distance moves have never been easier with A2B Moving & Storage on your side!

We pride ourselves on creating seamless relocation processes. Our DC moving services enable you to customize your relocation as you see fit, as well as provide for all the necessities of your move. We understand that every move is unique and that it requires a special approach. That is why our team works hard to plan each and every one of our relocations to the tiniest detail. It is this attention to detail that makes us stand proudly as one of the best moving companies in Virginia and well-known across other states. Our moving services encompass everything your relocation might require, and are able to guide you and your family through the entire moving process. If you want an easy and enjoyable moving experience, all you need to do is get in touch with us!

the road, distance
With us on your side, the road to your new home will be without obstacles!

Our moving services include residential and commercial relocations

Most companies specialize in one relocation type. But there are some that specialize in several, and we are one of them. Our DC moving services are perfectly suited for both commercial and residential relocations. We understand what the differences are, and how best to approach each type. Our team always takes every part of your situation into account when planning a move, whether it is a local or a long-distance one. In other words, we never leave anything to chance. We will relocate your belongings from A to B in record time, keeping your household items, or office equipment safe and sound!

Our team of trained professionals will handle your interstate and international move with care

But when it comes to interstate and international relocations, our team is able to “crank it up a notch”. Our services are one of the premier DC moving services. They are adapted to ensure that your belongings take the shortest available route to their destination, and the relocation itself is planned in greater detail. However, after being in the business for as long as we have, this process is both fast and reliable. But we also understand that the circumstances change daily, so we are never on “autopilot”. We give every relocation the time and care that it deserves, you can be sure of that!

airplane toy on the world map
Our experience enables us to perform international relocations with ease!

One of the special moving services we provide – Piano move

We also provide several special services. Of particular note are our piano moving services in DC. Pianos are notoriously hard to transport, due to their size, weight, and unique delicateness. That is why the service itself is special. However, our movers are able to relocate any type of piano in perfect safety, due to their training, knowledge, experience, and equipment.

Prepare for your long distance relocation – Get a suitable storage unit

Having a convenient storage unit is really handy when performing a long-distance relocation. This is one of our DC moving services that we’ve worked hardest to expand. Today, our selection is extremely varied, and we provide all types of storage units, in all sizes. We can also provide you with expert advice on which unit would serve your purposes the best. And you don’t have to worry about us upselling you a unit, either. We pride ourselves on transparency and cost-effective solutions for all of our clients!

storage units as one of the moving services DC movers offer
Choosing the right storage unit for your needs is in your best interest.

Have a stressless moving experience with A2B Moving & Storage!

Relocations are hard, there is no way around it. But with the help of our movers, and our moving services DC, we will create a process that will be a lot easier, simpler, and will leave a good memory for years to come! Contact us today and we will create a fantastic relocation experience for you and your family. When you have A2B Moving & Storage on your side, a stress-free and enjoyable moving process is all but guaranteed!

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