Guidelines for moving to the suburbs


    The hasty, chaotic pace of life in the city has become tiring and you are considering moving to the suburbs? We get you. With its wide streets, close-knit community and large houses with backyards, suburbs seem attractive even to the most passionate city-lovers. Although life in the suburbia differs drastically from city-life, there are certain guidelines to follow in order to choose the optimal place for you and your family. DC moving company will provide you with an enormous relief from having to do all the relocation logistic and labor by yourself. All you have to do is to choose where and when you’ll move. Check out our guidelines to help decide which suburb is ideal for you and your family.

    Moving to the suburbs? Enjoy wide streets and lots of space.

    a family of four walking
    Your kids will love their new life in the suburbs

    Guidelines for moving to the suburbs

    If you are planning to move to the ‘burbs there are various aspects to consider. From choosing the right area to deciding whether you’ll keep working in the city, big decisions are ahead of you. Choosing a dependable residential movers DC is another important step you do not want to miss. Some important guidelines to follow when moving to the suburbia are:

    • choose a proper sized home for your needs
    • pick the best suburb for your kids to go to school to
    • get a car
    • prepare for a drastic change of life

    Choose proper sized home according to your needs

    Although it may seem tempting to choose one of the many large houses with huge yards that are so characteristic for the suburbs, you might want to think things through before committing. After all, you’ve been crammed up in your small city apartment for ages, right? Why not use the opportunity to get a more spacious home? Talk to your partner and decide on the ideal size home for your family. There is no need to go overboard, because even though it might seem attractive to have so much extra space, it has its downsides. Just imagine how hard it is to upkeep a big yard or the constant home-maintenance a big house requires. Although moving companies Washington DC are experienced in relocations of all sizes, try to be realistic when it comes to choosing your suburban home.

    a big house

    Check out schools in several suburban areas

    It is a well-known fact that most top-rated schools are in the suburbs. Good educational opportunities for their children are one of the biggest concerns in every parent’s life. If you have school-age kids or you plan on moving to the suburbs and settle there before they start school in a few years, check out several different schools in various suburban areas in order to see what works best for you. Local moving companies in DC are there to move your family to wherever you need. You may not get a good feel from a school in a certain suburb, which is completely fine. This is why you want to do your research and pick potential schools for your children before you rent or buy a suburban home.

    Consider getting a car- you’ll need it when moving to the suburbs

    Another big change when it comes to moving from the city to the suburbia is the lack of public transportation, taxis, Ubers etc. Living in the suburbs requires getting a car. This can be a con if you take into account the cost of the upkeep and fuel, but there are so many good sides to having your own car. If you are sick and tired of crowds in public transportation or being in a car with a stranger, you will absolutely love having your own car. You can go wherever and whenever you want. The car is spacious enough and there are no strangers in the vehicle with you.  People who live in the city usually give up on the idea of getting a car because of little parking space, among other reasons. But you will not encounter this issue in the suburbs. You will have your own garage, and there are plenty of parking spaces around schools, supermarkets etc.

    You will need a car for living in the suburbs.

    Prepare for the change

    The fast pace of life in the city is drastically different from living in the ‘burbs. If over the years you’ve gotten tired of the crowds, the noise and the lights of the city, you will find life in the suburbs will pleasantly surprise you. As an ideal place for family life, the suburbia is quite opposite to busy city energy. The nights in the suburbs are completely silent and pitch-black. It can take some time until you get accustomed to it. The neighborhoods are also very different than what you are used to. Living in the city you may never meet the person who lives next door. The suburbs are different. The sense of community is very prominent, and your neighbors will be some of your closest friends.

    Your new suburban neighborhood is filled with friendly neighbors.

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    Get help when moving a large household

    Moving to the suburbs? Trust us with your relocation

    If you are planning on moving to the suburbs in the near future we hope we’ve managed to give you some useful guidelines. If you and your partner have decided that the time is right for you to exchange busy city life with calm suburban energy, you will not regret moving to the ‘burbs. Most top rated educational facilities are located in the outskirts of big cities. Your kids will have fantastic schooling options. Choose a reputable moving company to help you relocate to your dream home and save your nerves for more important things. Also consider investing in a car, you’ll need it for life in the suburbs. Good luck with moving!

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