Top tips for packing your book collection for the move


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Preparation for relocation is a time-consuming process that can be difficult and overwhelming. Many steps need to be planned and organized, but packing is probably one of the most challenging ones. Even if you hire professionals movers such as A2B Moving and Storage it is important to prepare your items for packing. Usually, we think that fragile items are the most difficult ones to pack and we don’t even think about our book collection. However, true book lovers know that books need special attention and care too. Here are some of the top tips for packing your book collection for the move.

Prepare for packing your book collection for the move

Before you start your packing process it is important to prepare your book collection on time. This means that you should:

  • Take an inventory of your books
  • If there are any duplicates donate them to the library or give them to your loved ones
  • Decide which ones you will relocate and which ones you will leave behind

If there are books from your book collection that you don’t want to take with you but you feel emotionally attached to them consider renting a storage unit. If you are based in Virginia, consider using storage Alexandria VA, since these storage units are frequently fumigated, so you can be sure that your books will not get damaged. Preparation of your books for packing will take time, but it is one of the most important steps that you shouldn’t skip.

Select right packing supplies

It is crucial to have correct packing supplies for your books since they are sensitive to moisture and changes in temperature. To pack your book collection you can use moving boxes or rolling suitcases.

Packing supplies and books
When packing your book collection for the move make sure to have all the right packing supplies

Packing your book collection for the move into moving boxes

If you decide to use moving boxes for your books make sure that they are not damaged as they can break because of the heavy weight of your books. For the same reason consider using small or medium cardboard boxes. That way you will not be tempted to overfill them. However, if you decide to use large boxes do not fill them more than 70% and make sure to leave some space on the top. To protect your books into the moving boxes you will need tape and cushioning materials as well.

Rolling suitcases are a great tool for packing your book collection

Even if you hire Northern Virginia movers that can provide you with packing supplies, consider packing your book collection into rolling suitcases. It may seem strange, as we normally use our suitcases to pack our clothes. However, they can be a great tool for packing book collections. Rolling suitcases are sturdy, have a lot of space, and have wheels which make them easy to transport. Your movers will be more efficient by not waste time on heavy lifting. Also, if you decide to move by yourself you will not have to worry about carrying heavy boxes. And lastly, your books will be safe and well-protected.

The way of packing your book collection for the move depends on the cover

Other than packing supplies it is important to know how to pack different types of books, such as hardcover and paperback books. This way you will have peace of mind knowing that your books will not be damaged.

A person placing books into the box
The way of how you will place books into the moving box depends on the type of the cover

Hardcover books

When you are packing your hardcover books, make sure to place them upright against the box side, just like you would put them on the shelf. Also, make sure to wrap and protect them before placing them in the box to avoid any scratches and damages to the cover.

Paperback books

Unlike hardcover books, paperback books should be placed in flat stacks with the cover facing up. This way your books will be protected and paper edges will not get bent. Placing them this way into the box will help you as well to distribute the weight of your books equally.

Pack your book collection by size and weight

Apart from packing your books by the type of cover, you should also pay attention to the size and weight of your books. Don’t pack tome books in the same box since it is important to make a balance between boxes. Try to organize them in a way that all have similar weight. That way you will not have one extra heavy box and another that is light. Also, you will protect your boxes from breaking and causing possible damages to your book collection.

After packing don’t forget to label

After your books are packed and well-protected don’t forget to label each box. This will make your life easier once you reach your new destination and start unpacking. Also, in case you hire a moving company to transfer your belongings, your movers Arlington VA will know in which room to place the box after unloading. On the other hand, it will give them a heads up that the box might be heavy.

A woman labeling moving as one of tips for packing your book collection for the move
After you finish with packing don’t forget to label moving boxes

Hire professional packers

Lastly, if you think that packing your book collection will take to0 much of your time hire professional packers. Also, if you think that you will not be able to protect your books in an appropriate way they can help you with that as well. Professional packers have all the tools and equipment needed for fragile and valuable items. Take your time and decide if it’s better to hire professional packers or pack by yourself. Whatever you decide there will be pros and cons. However, if you are not on the budget, getting professionals to help you with packing would be a good choice.

All book lovers know how frustrating can be to see a book that is damaged or has a bent paper edge. However, if you follow tips for packing your book collection for the move, you can be sure that your books will get to your new home without any fault.

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