A local’s guide to the best hidden gems in Alexandria


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The City of Alexandria VA is a historic city with beautiful architecture. The best hidden gems in Alexandria can be found anywhere from Old Town Alexandria to Arlandria. Each and every part of the city has something unique about it, and interestingly enough, there are places here that people tend to overlook. This is why the best movers Alexandria VA are here, to help you discover these hidden gems in the city and get to enjoy them. The article we have for you today contains in detail descriptions of these places. You will find them to be grouped by the part of the city. This way, you will have a clear vision of what to look for when you are in the city. In any case, let’s see what we have for you today, and discover all the places Alexandria VA hides.

The best hidden gems in Alexandria and where you can find them

With the help of the local movers Northern VA you will learn everything about Alexandria in no time. This local’s guide consists of sections, each bearing the name of a certain part of the city. And, more importantly, you get to read all about the secret places within these specific parts of the city. Firstly, we are going to start from the most famous part of Alexandria VA: The Old Town Alexandria.

Old Town Alexandria

This part of Alexandria is located on the Potomac River, right next to Washington D.C. Its rich history and charming architecture make it a perfect place for attractions. The Lee-Fendall House Museum is a historic mansion you should definitely visit. It was once a home to the Lee family, who played a significant role in Virginia’s history. A similar mansion would be The Carlyle House, once the home of John Carlyle, one of Alexandria’s founding fathers. Both of these places are prominent parts of Alexandria’s history.

three women in a park
Always consider the possibility of not-so-obvious parts of the parks in Alexandria VA.

The Waterfront is a popular attraction in this part of the city. However, there are some hidden gems you can find here that are worth exploring. The marina at the foot of King Street offers stunning views of the river and city skyline. In addition to this, there is a great number of small parks and piers, that many people tend to overlook, which can prove to be interesting and peaceful spots for you to hang around. The Athenaeum is a historic building and a cultural center that hosts all kinds of exhibitions and other events. This is a place you must visit, especially when some kind of a big event takes place here.

Best hidden gems in Alexandria: Del Ray

Del Rey is a suburban neighborhood in the city of Alexandria and overall a lovely part of the city you should definitely visit. The first thing worth checking out here is the Del Ray Farmers’ Market. This market takes place once a week. It offers all kinds of products from local farmers and vendors. It is an excellent place to find everything you need, at a fair price while also supporting the local economy. The Dairy Godmother is a unique ice cream shop you can find here in Del Rey. It is a perfect example of a hidden gem, and you will not regret paying it a visit. Del Rey Artisans Gallery is a community-based gallery located here. It hosts exhibits and features works from various local artists. Also, it hosts all kinds of art events throughout the year.


Yet another charming neighborhood here in the City of Alexandria. There is a great number of interesting places you can visit here, so we will keep it short with the descriptions. The Lost Dog Café is a locally-owned café that serves casual meals and features a cozy atmosphere. Cameron Run Regional Park is a park that features a miniature golf course, a water park, and more. Overall, a great place to visit with your family.

a café as one of the best hidden gems in Alexandria
The best hidden gems in Alexandria are usually small cafés and restaurants you can often only discover if you take a walk through the city.

Great Waves Waterpark is a relatively famous waterpark, however, there are many interesting attractions within it, the long distance moving companies Northern VA recommend visiting. The Carlyle Club is a venue you can visit if you enjoy live music and other similar events. Another hidden gem is the Stonebridge Center, it’s quite obviously a popular location, however, there are many interesting, and not-so-obvious things to do here.

Best hidden gems in Alexandria: Rosemont

Rosemont is a neighborhood famous for its tree-lined streets, community parks, and historic homes. The first gem of a place in Rosemont we will be talking about is The Rosemont Market & Deli. It is a deli that serves delicious deli items. In short, a great place to grab a bite and enjoy some good food. Here is a gem you will surely enjoy during summertime – The Old Town Pool. This is a community pool you can visit to cool off and meet the local people. Another interesting secret gem A2B Moving and Storage recommends visiting is The Duncan Library. It is also a community-type of place, and it offers a variety of books, movies, and other resources. You can also attend various events and workshops here all year long.


Last but not least, is the neighborhood of Arlandria. Since this neighborhood is known for its diverse range of cuisines, we will start with The Village Brauhaus. This is a German restaurant that serves authentic German dishes and beer. If you want to go for an exciting walk, we suggest taking the Mount Vernon Trail. This trail runs through Arlandria and provides a scenic route for hiking or biking.

people in a restaurant
The best way to explore a part of Alexandria is on your feet.

Final words

There is a place for music lovers as well and it is called The Birchmere. This is a live music venue that features numerous artists and genres. And, to finish this local’s guide in Arlandria style, we also recommend visiting the Arlandria-Chirilagua Business District. You will find all kinds of places here, and most importantly, it is also a great place to explore different cultures and cuisines. This was a local’s guide to the best hidden gems in Alexandria. Thank you for reading the article.

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