How to pick the best storage facility in Alexandria VA


    No matter if you need to temporarily store your items while moving or you need a long-term solution for your belongings, renting a storage space is a great solution to provide more space. However, if you are renting a storage unit for the first time, you are probably wondering how to choose the right storage for your needs. There is a wide range of storage facilities. You can find storage facilities in different sizes and services to meet your needs. So, A2B Moving and Storage is here to help you pick the best storage facility in Alexandria VA. Stay with us and you will find the right storage with ease.

    pick the best storage facility in Alexandria, VA
    In order to pick the best storage facility in Alexandria, VA, you need to determine what are you going to store.

    There are two types of storage options

    When trying to find the best storage facility in Alexandria, Va, you need to know that there are two types of storage options. Those are:

    • full-service storage facilities – If you pick the full-service storage, then the company will come to take your belongings and deliver them to the storage unit. By choosing a full-service storage company will be saved from the hassle of delivering possessions to the storage facility. Also, the moving company will take photos and document all your belongings. Therefore, if you can’t remember what you have stored, you can take a look at the photos or check your inventory list online.
    • self-storage facility – Self-storage is definitely the most popular choice. This type of storage option is a safe, secure, and affordable way to store your household possessions. There are different sizes of self-storage units in which you can store small house items as well as large ones, such as a boat. However, if you pick self storage Alexandria, VA,  you will have to deliver your belongings to the storage unit yourself. Also, you are responsible for documenting your own possessions.

    Decide what you want to store

    Before you choose a storage unit, you need to decide what you want to store. Therefore, if you are preparing to leave the country and hire international movers VA, you should do yourself a favor and declutter your house. In order to pick the best storage facility in Alexandria, VA, you will have to know which storage size you need. So, go through your staff and decide which item you need and want them to store, and which you can donate, toss away or sell. Once you know how much stuff you have to store, it will be much easier to choose the right storage size.

    A large storage unit
    Think about the size of storage you are going to need

    Choose the right storage size

    Before you choose the size of the storage unit, you need to know that they are often priced by size. Obviously, the larger the storage unit you pick the more it will cost you. To choose the unit size more pricey, take an inventory of your belongings. Also, do not forget that some large items can be disassembled, and thus save space in your storage unit. Knowing the right unit size you need, will help you pick the best storage facility in Alexandria, VA.

    To pick the best storage facility in Alexandria, VA, consider the location

    One thing that is easily forgotten about the storage units is the location. Therefore, movers Virginia reminds you that the rule for real estate applies to storage facilities too. If your pick is a storage unit located in the heart of the city, it will probably cost you more than one outside the town. So, if you choose a unit further outside the side, you will pay less, but you won’t have quick access to your belongings. Thus, in order to pick the best storage facility in Alexandria VA to fulfill your needs, you have to figure out how many times you tend to visit the facility. For some people, the best storage facility would be one near their home, while others may opt for the one outside the city.

    The best storage units have security

    If you don’t want your items to be stolen, you need to take into consideration the security of the storage facility. Even though most of the units have some kind of protection, some of them are more protected than others. Some of the security featured you should look for if you want to rent the best storage unit are: protected access, security locks, video surveillance, fire protection equipment, and security guards. It is no secret that thieves target storage facilities, and that is why you need to find a storage unit that has great security features. In case you do not visit your storage so often and have poor storage protection, it can pass days or even months before you notice that your storage has been broken into. So, pick a storage unit in Alexandria, VA that has excellent security features and you can leave your belonging without any worries.

    Surveilance camera
    Storage security is an important feature when it comes to choosing the right storage unit

    Visit the storage in person

    Once you have found the storage unit that has all the features you have been looking for, you should visit the storage in person. You need to be sure that that storage is the one you’ve been seeking for. Check if the storage is maintained in good condition. Is it clean and tidy and does it has any holes or cracks? If you see trash or litter, that can be a red flag, because low maintenance can lead to fire hazards. See if there is a convenient parking lot and if it is lit enough so you can go there during the day and night. Once you have checked everything, you can be sure that you have picked the best storage facility in Alexandria, VA.

    If you need assistance to pick the best storage facility in Alexandria VA, then this guide would be very helpful. Follow our tips and we are sure that you will find the right storage unit that suits your needs.




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