How to store your exercise equipment?


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After moving into a smaller condo, you may have no space for exercise equipment. Or, you bought new exercise equipment and need to find a place for your old one. Maybe you just moved in with your partner, and after a lengthy debate over lack of space, you concluded – you need to find a way to store your exercise equipment. No matter the situation, our team at A2B Moving and Storage DC, has your back. We can help you figure out how to store the exercise equipment you no longer need efficiently and adequately.

How to make everything organized

Many studies show that people feel better and perform better in tidy rooms. Not only that, but it will likely make you want to exercise more. Even if you aren’t putting your exercise in storage, it is a good idea to figure out where you want to put your exercise equipment. Two things are key here. First, wherever you put it, it should feel clean and tidy. Secondly, your equipment should be accessible to you. If it isn’t then, you will either not use it as often or you won’t put it back in its place after your workout.

Two blue dumbells on a white floor
Whether you want to store your exercise equipment or not, it should be kept neatly.

Home gyms are great and have many advantages over regular gyms. You don’t have to pay for a membership, and there are no lines for the machines. To make your home gym feel more like a regular gym and tidy, here are our tips:

  1. Use racks – it will keep everything off the floor, giving it a cleaner look
  2. Get a weight storage rack for your dumbbells
  3. Custom-built shelves for lighter equipment will make it feel like everything has its place
  4. Use cabinets for smaller items like boxing gloves and jump ropes

These tips apply to tidying up your home gym and making your storage unit easier to navigate.

Where to start when you want to store your exercise equipment?

The best first step when you want to store your exercise equipment is to go through it. If your exercise inventory is more extensive, it would be best to see what you need to pack. That way, you will get a clear picture of what sort of tools you need and what steps to take. Firstly, go through each item. If any piece of equipment is broken or damaged, skip the storage. Instead, simply get rid of it. You don’t need to store broken items you will surely never use.

Secondly, check if there is a warranty or user manual for larger pieces of equipment. This will help you in the later stage of packing the equipment. If you see broken items with a valid warranty, try to fix them before you get storage Alexandria VA. Don’t procrastinate this step because the warranty may expire by the time you feel up to doing it.

If possible, disassemble it before storing it

Disassembling is easy for weights and dumbbells. Of course, you are recommended to do this because it will be easier to pack items similar in shape. On top of that, it will consume less space in your storage unit. For exercise machines like bikes, steppers, treadmills, or rowing machines, always use a user’s manual when disassembling. Of course, it’s not the end of the world if you keep it in one piece. Sure, it might be harder for moving and storage Alexandria VA, because it will take up more space. But that’s better than having a broken machine you tried to disassemble. Make sure you label each piece when packing. If there are small items like screws and bolts, put them in a clear box or bag and put the name of the machine from which you took them off.

A man packing to store exercise equipment
It is best that you remove weights from the barbell and then pack it to save space

Packing and moving your exercise equipment

Packaging your exercise equipment will be easy if you have done the previous steps. Make sure everything is clean before you pack because exercise equipment can harbor a lot of bacteria. And you don’t want that. Pack all the smaller pieces in packing paper and secure them with some tape. For the bigger machines, if you could disassemble them, try to pack them with some soft blankets, so you ensure nothing gets damaged. It would be great if you still had the original box it came with because it would make your packing easier.

Exercise equipment can be heavy. If you work out and can lift a lot, don’t view lifting your exercise equipment as something easy. Firstly, lifting a machine isn’t like deadlifting. The shape is very different, making it harder to lift and move. To avoid breaking a bone or a piece of equipment, what you want to do instead is to use a moving dolly. It is a simple platform with wheels that is mostly used by residential movers DC area. That way, you won’t break off any part of your exercise equipment or neither of your bones. You would be surprised by the percentage of injuries that happened this way.

Woman lifting heavy cardboard box while standing near floor lamp
Avoid lifting on your own and instead, use a dolly or transfer barrow

Make sure your storage unit is ready for your exercise equipment

There are two ways you will make sure you store your exercise equipment properly. First, ensure the storage is clean. You don’t want to put your precious equipment into dirty storage. It’s not sanitary, and it might even attract rodents. And do we need to mention that nobody likes getting dirty when unloading their things in storage? Secondly, be careful how you stack things. Put heavier things on the bottom and lighter on top. Make sure everything is dry, and put sheets on top of your equipment. It will keep the dirt off as well as mold and moisture.

Lastly, if you followed the tips we outlined, we are sure there won’t be a problem you won’t be able to handle. If you store your exercise equipment properly, you will ensure that it will last you a lifetime, or at least until you are ready to build your home gym again. While it may not be the easiest, we are sure you can do it.

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