How to unpack and refresh your old Christmas decor?


    Christmas is around the corner, and it’s yet again time to put up those decorations. Whether you just moved to a new home or you just need to unpack the boxes, the process is quite the same. If you need to move soon though, we recommend hiring one of the moving companies DC area. Most people aren’t buying new Christmas decorations every year, for different reasons. The most often one is financial since decorations can turn out quite expensive. For that reason, it’s better to learn how to unpack and refresh your old Christmas decor every year, to keep it up to date and looking fresh.

    How to unpack and refresh your old Christmas decor?

    There are many fun and creative ways to do these things, so keep on reading to get some great ideas.

    How to unpack Christmas decorations

    If you packed your Christmas decorations right before moving with one of the long distance movers DC, unpacking it shouldn’t be a big deal. Just make sure to clean them, because however good you packed them, dust still gets everywhere. Pick your cleaning solution according to the material of the decoration. In most cases, water will be sufficient if it’s just dust. Christmas lights and other decorations that have electronic components should be cleaned with caution. Also, make sure to check if all the lights are working, since they tend to stop working very often. Fixing them requires basic knowledge and a few tools. With a little bit of effort, your decorations will look and work like brand new.

    Santa Claus figure next to a Christmas ornament
    Unpacking decorations is easy if you packed them the right way

    How to refresh Christmas decorations

    If you enjoy putting up decorations, you will most likely also be entertained when you unpack and refresh your old Christmas decor. You will enjoy it as much as you enjoyed moving with one of the local movers DC. There are a few easy and creative things you can do to freshen up old decorations:

    • Magnet ornaments
    • DIY wreath
    • Christmas village update

    Magnet ornaments

    This one is especially useful fun if you have kids. We say useful because kids tend to take down the decorations and damage often occurs. You can fix them and reuse them as magnetic ornaments. This is especially good for heavy and handmade ornaments. Just attach magnets to the back with hot glue and you are good to go. And you can always convert them back to ornaments, just hang them back up on the tree. Doing this DIY project is as easy as moving with moving services DC. Kids will have fun and you will reuse old and potentially broken decorations.

    Unpack and refresh your old Christmas decor by making Christmas wreaths

    If you have been using your wreaths for a few years, there is a good chance that they are starting to look worn out and chipped. With these tips, you can give it a cool, cheap makeover. All you need is spray paint and texture spray if you want that snowy look. You can also add ornaments to it once it dries, best overnight.

    Christmas wreath on a red surface
    Remaking a Christmas wreath will keep it looking fresh

    Christmas village update

    Chances are that a signature decor piece in your home is the Christmas village. You can easily update it from garage sales and dollar stores. The only problem is it’s going to be mismatched. But this can easily be solved by painting and spraying the houses to make them match. And if you want to change it every year to keep it looking fresh, feel free to do it.

    How to unpack and refresh your old Christmas decor? – conclusion

    As you can see, there are various ways to unpack and refresh your old Christmas decor. It just depends on your time and creativity. If you just finished a stressful move, this is a perfect way to relax and focus on something else. We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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