The safest way to prepare your piano for moving


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Planning how to prepare your piano for moving is a very challenging task. This type of task requires planning and might as well a professional help. Basically, a lot of people think that it is easy to move a piano by yourself. However, there is a potential risk that can ruin the piano. Also, even more important, you could hurt yourself.  That is why it is better to hire A2B Moving and Storage DC so that they can help you with this demanding process.

A woman and the boxes
Preparing the whole moving process is not easy

Preparing your piano for relocation is not an easy task-here is what you should pay attention to

First thing first, moving a piano is not easy and that is why you should type moving and storage Alexandria VA in case you need a team of professionals. The possibility of saving money if you do it yourself sounds very tempting. However, it is very complicated and challenging. You will have to deal with the type of piano you have. There are a lot of things included that you need to pay attention to. Here are some things that you need to do:

  • prepare your new space ahead of time
  • find out the weight
  • the guidelines are important
  • use furniture straps
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You need to make a decision what you need to pay attention to

Preparing a new space ahead of time

The first thing you need to do is moving your piano by preparing the new space in advance. You need to take into consideration a couple of important things. Pay attention to hallways and staircases. Make sure to measure the area on time. If you do it later, maybe you will not be able to adjust your piano properly and then we have a problem. In order to get the help that you need do a bit of research about piano movers Northern Virginia online.

A meter
Make sure to measure your space before even moving the piano

Find out the weight

Basically, the piano weighs from around 400 to 800 pounds. Some of them are even up to 1,200 pounds. Even if you were thinking about DIY, the numbers are here to prove you wrong. Therefore don’t you dare to think that you don’t need the professional help that you can find if you just type Movers Arlington VA in a search bar.  Moving bulky items demands a special set of skills and equipment. So, it is better not to do it yourself.

The guidelines are important when you prepare your piano for moving

There are multiple types of pianos. Upright needs to be doubled and triple strapped. Still, if you get proper and adequate help and equipment or moving blankets it will be easier and risk-free. For Baby-grand and grand pianos, professionals are the right, if not the only choice. You need to include a furniture dolly and straps. One of the companies which you can find when you search Movers Falls Church VA can be the ideal candidate for moving your piano.

Use furniture straps

The furniture straps are necessary for the securing of the piano to the dolly. It is important for both before and after loading and unloading. We recommend placing blankets between the pianos and straps. We do that to avoid any damages on the surface. There are many companies that will be very useful for you if you just type Movers Sterling VA in a search bar.

All in all, preparing a piano for relocation can be exhausting. However, If you inform yourself properly about the ways of how to move a piano, you will avoid a lot of complications.

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