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    Whether your home is too small for your exercise equipment or you don’t have enough room, you know how hard it can be to store it all. Even though it may seem fun at first to figure out interesting ways of using space, it can become a bit frustrating. A good space solution is to make dual-functional rooms that have more than just one purpose. One of those solutions is quite popular and it’s a home gym. Home gyms are a good way of saving money and time, however, finding room for them can be hard, especially if your home is not big. But don’t worry, A2B Moving and Storage DC have prepared some tips for storing exercise equipment.

    Clean it before storing it

    When used, all kinds of exercise equipment are exposed to dust, sweat, as well as various bacteria. It’s not a good idea to store your exercise equipment with moisture and bacteria because it will be exposed to damage. You will need to clean all of it before you storing it. Clean out dust and sweat from visible surfaces and also sanitize. Pay more attention to the equipment that has handles. Make sure everything dries completely and grease the equipment that needs to be lubed. These include exercise bikes and a treadmill. Drying and cleaning your exercise equipment will keep it in good condition while it’s stored.

    exercise equipment
    Before storing your exercise equipment, make sure to clean it and dry it.

    Safety is very important

    While exercise equipment is great for keeping you healthy and fit, it can be dangerous if you are unsure how to handle it. After cleaning your exercise equipment, it’s time to think about how to handle it. You’ll need to find a good way to move your equipment without injuring yourself or the people around you. If you need to lift weights, be careful of back injuries. Weights are quite heavy. Don’t bend forward or lift too heavy weight on your own, unless it’s necessary. To avoid injuries, crouch down and then lift the exercise equipment close to your body.

    If somebody’s helping you, stand up at the same time and lift the equipment together so you don’t push too much weight onto one person. Store them carefully in storage so they don’t fall and hit someone passing by. If you don’t know how to handle your exercise equipment, the best thing to do is to look for moving and storage Alexandria VA,

    Disassemble the equipment before storing it

    Big sets of exercise equipment came to your home in a box including assembly instructions. Take a look at the manuals and figure out how to remove the main parts. You don’t have to completely take apart big sets. Instead, try to take them apart down enough so you can carry and load individual pieces with ease. Some equipment is going to be easier to pack than others.

    home gym
    Take a look at assembly instructions to figure out how to take apart your exercise equipment for easier storage.

    For instance, you mostly get away with just folding a rowing machine or a treadmill to save up some space. However, other sets such as home gyms are going to be a bit hard to disassemble. While you are removing washers and sets from your workout equipment, put them in a box and use a marker to write down where the parts came from. You can even make reassembling easier if you place these boxes right next to the equipment your removed screws from.

    Store electronic exercise equipment properly

    Lots of manufacturers use smartphone technology on their equipment. The electronic exercise equipment runs on AC adaptors. However, they can also contain internal batteries. Remove batteries or disconnect your exercise equipment to ensure it doesn’t slowly drain while it’s connected to a circuit in storage. At last, cover the equipment to keep it safe from dust. The reason for this is that dust can seriously damage electronics.

    If you take out the power cable without shutting down your equipment first, you can corrupt the computer’s data. Because smart workout equipment like Peloton and Nordic Track work like computers, you will need to properly shut down the software before unplugging it. In addition, update your equipment to the latest software before you store it. This is going to decrease the number of updates you need to do after powering on your equipment after storage. Because manufacturers provide new perks and improvements quite often, there are high chances that you will need to update the system. However, after you update your exercise equipment, you won’t spend a long time waiting for updates to install.

    Find a good storage unit for storing your exercise equipment

    You can’t really store exercise equipment anywhere. Make sure to store it somewhere where it’s protected from theft, damage, and extreme weather. Take your time to research to look for storage Alexandria VA to store exercise equipment.

    warehouse units
    Make sure to find the best storage unit for your exercise equipment.

    If you want to store your exercise equipment at home instead, don’t leave it in the basement or garage. Lots of people want to store their equipment in these places, however, they are not always great. Because of their location in the house, the garage and basement are exposed to dust and open to different temperatures. In the winter, the basement is going to cause condensation on your exercise equipment because of dampness and cold. This is not a recommended storage for exercise equipment. Instead, you should store your equipment in a place that is cool and dry. Also, if you can only store your equipment in the basement, as mentioned before, cover it so you keep it safe from dust. Also, if you don’t plan on storing your exercise equipment for a long time, create easy access to take it out.

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