The kinds of moving boxes and how to get the best ones


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If you are planning a move in Maryland or you are just about to relocate to this state, it is time to make a plan and start packing. It is true that packing takes a lot of time and that it is a process that you would rather skip. However, apart from finding reliable movers, such as A2B Moving and Storage, packing is the crucial part of each move. When it is not done well, it can bring you a lot of problems in terms of damaged items and breaking your moving budget. To avoid this, you need quality packing supplies, and moving boxes are the first items on that list. If you want to know what are the kinds of moving boxes and how to get the best ones, keep reading.

What are the kinds of moving boxes you will need?

The types of moving boxes that you will need to prepare for your relocation depend on the type of your move, but more importantly, on the type of items you own. You will need a few different types because you can’t pack appliances in the same boxes as kids’ toys, for example. Before you choose the right boxes, you need to know what kinds of those exist and what are they used for:

  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Wardrobe boxes,
  • Plastic bins,
  • Wooden crates,
  • Glassware boxes,
  • TV and telescope boxes.
A medium-sized cardboard box
The kinds of moving boxes that are most popular are the medium-sized ones

How to use cardboard boxes

There are different types of cardboard boxes and which ones you will need again depends on the size and shape of the items you need to pack. The smaller cardboard boxes are 12 to 14 inches long and they are the ones you will need most. You have many smaller items around your house, and that is one reason. The second reason is the fact that it is better to use more smaller than fewer bigger boxes. They are easier to carry and your items won’t have space to move around and get damaged.

The medium boxes (14-18 inches) are great for the majority of medium and small items. Ornaments, toys, linens, small appliances, etc. all can fit into these boxes. Finally, large boxes, which are 18-24 inches long are perfect for light items. Nothing heavy should be put in this kind of box because they are difficult to control, but they are perfect for clothes.

What are wardrobe boxes?

Strong, metal hanging bars are included with wardrobe boxes and that is the reason they are special. They are great if you don’t want to remove your clothes from hangers but you want to pack them that way. This means you will finish your packing faster and your fine clothes won’t get damaged or wrinkled.

A woman holding a moving box
Smaller boxes are perfect for fragile items

What items to pack in plastic bins?

Among the kinds of moving boxes, there are plastic bins. They are perfect for seasonal clothes, but especially for fragile items and smaller appliances that can get easily damaged. Also, since they are waterproof and airtight, they are perfect when you want to use storage services and keep your belongings safe.

Packing in wooden crates

If you have antique furniture, statues, or any other type of valuable and bulky items, wooden crates are great for packing them. Usually built of thick plywood, wooden box panels are fastened using steel clips. A detachable panel is also included with the crate for loading and unloading. If you ask any of the movers Maryland, they will agree that these are the best way of preserving the most valuable possessions. Don’t hesitate to get them, even though they are not among the cheapest, they are worth it.

Glassware boxes

These boxes are usually small to medium and they are great for packing kitchen items and other breakable things. All the dishes and stemware items should be packed in these kinds of boxes. What is important is the fact that they have dividers that separate all the items and yours is only to wrap them and put them in the box.

Use TV and telescope boxes

For small to medium-sized flat-screen TVs, these cardboard boxes are perfect. They are usually for flat screens, including LED and plasma. Cartons for flat-screen televisions are generally long, rectangular cardboard boxes, and have a sign which tells you how to turn the TV. Telescope boxes you can also use for TVs, but other flat items also, such as mirrors. The top and bottom of these cardboard boxes are separate pieces that snap together to create a single box. To protect the entire object, you just put the smaller portion inside the bigger one. With these boxes, there is no chance that the fragile items will get in touch with anything that can break them.

Where to get the best moving boxes?

Where can you get the best moving boxes again depends on the size you need and the items you are moving. In Maryland, many specialized stores offer the most quality moving supplies, including all kinds of moving boxes. Also, you can find them and buy them online, on sites such as Amazon or eBay. However, the easiest and most efficient way to get the exact moving boxes you need is to get them from the moving company that will conduct your move. After they give you a free estimate, movers Gaithersburg MD will know exactly what type of boxes you will need and how many of them. You won’t have to wonder if you have made a mistake this way.

Two labeled cardboard boxes
If you want quality boxes, ask your moving company

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on boxes, there is also a solution. First of all, you can ask friends who have moved recently to give you theirs. Then, you can ask in local stores, bigger supermarkets or bookshops. They will have spare boxes of different sizes. Finally, visiting a recycling center is a great solution. The downside of getting the boxes this way is that there won’t be exact types and sizes you need. Also, they may not be in the best condition.

Moving boxes are important for a stress-free relocation

The kinds of moving boxes you need and get can affect your relocation big way. If you have boxes that are not the right shape or size or those of bad quality, it’ll cause you a lot of stress. You won’t be able to pack properly. Don’t hesitate to take your time and get the exact boxes you need.

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