Tips to make moving with kids easier


    Moving is truly one of the biggest stressors and biggest life changes. Even adults can get overwhelmed, just imagine how it is for the kids. Especially if your children are younger, you can expect the stakes and stress to be even higher. The truth is that your children will always come first. So, moving with kids can derail your moving process. But that’s why A2B Moving and Storage DC, as one of the best moving companies DC area, has decided to share some of the best tips to make moving with kids easier. All children are unique though, as you know, so just adjust our tips to your needs. We’re sure we’ve got a good tip for everyone!

    A family packing for their move

    Talk to your kids

    First off, we’d like to stress just how important proper communication with your little ones is. Explain to them why you are moving. Tell them where you’re moving to and even describe the new town a bit. Also, remember to tell them when you’re leaving if they would like to say goodbye to some friends. We’d urge you to try and get your kids excited for moving day. But, if you describe all of the new things they will experience and enjoy, they just might look forward to it. Remember to tell them that it doesn’t mean they will never see their friends again, that they will make new friends and eventually have a huge friend group to share time with.

    If you would like to make things even more exciting, get a moving calendar for your kids. This can be their personal calendar where they can cross off the days until moving day comes. This will help build excitement! But, remember to check in from time to time to see how they’re feeling. Kids are usually very expressive and take change a bit harder than adults. So, you can expect that you will need to comfort and reassure them.

    Explain what it is they are leaving behind as well as what’s yet to come. They can learn to appreciate what has passed and get excited for what is to come. If you can, another amazing way to get them excited about the move is to visit the new town. You can look at some playgrounds where they will play, cute neighborhoods, or even an ice cream shop. If you can take them to their future home before your movers Bethesda MD do, even better! When they see the new place that will become home, they are bound to look forward to it.

    A mother talking to her daughter on the bed
    Understand your kids, be there for them and encourage them!

    Stick to your routine as much as possible

    As we’ve mentioned, kids tend to react more harshly to change. If you can continue their usual routines, this is the best possible choice. They are familiar and comfortable with their routines, and this will also assure them that things aren’t changing as much as they thought. When moving gets hard and everyone in the house is frantic, children don’t always know what’s up. So you might want to explain to them a bit more about the move, the long-distance movers DC, and the whole process. We don’t expect you to sit them down and walk them through the entire plan but give them a few bullet points. You’ll be surprised how much your kids care and want to know! So if you do get overwhelmed and too stressed, your children will know it won’t last forever.

    So if your family has a movie marathon night or a game night – do your best to keep them alive! Chances are these routines will continue in your new home, so try and keep them alive until you move and from there it’s easier. Your children will feel much safer and less anxious if you keep them in the loop and explain everything along the way. If you honor these routines, your children will know they are your number 1 priority. And they are!

    Involve them as much as possible

    The best way to make moving with kids easier is to include them in the whole process. You can ask them what kind of home they would like if you still didn’t settle on it. You can ask them what they’d like to change in their rooms as well. These sorts of questions that show you are actually interested in their opinion will do wonders for the moving process as well as your relationship.

    Also, the easiest way isn’t always the best way! You might be thinking to yourself that you will quickly pack up your kids and their rooms to save on time. But, we’d like to tell you to do the complete opposite. Ask your children to pack up their rooms on their own. You can and surely will help them along the way. But, by letting them take care of it themselves, they can feel like a part of the team. And very often, children love learning new things! Also, if you’re downsizing and worrying about storage, there are so many storage services DC area you can choose from.

    Parents allowing their child to help out during the move
    Let your kids get involved and they just might learn something new AND have fun!

    Plan a party or meeting with all their friends!

    Usually, when children become friends their parents become friends. So, chances are you’re pretty friendly with the parents of your child’s friend. Try and schedule a weekend when you can go back and your kids get to see their friends. Unfortunately, life is complicated and things can get in the way. But, if push comes to shove, you can always just explain that that’s what life is like sometimes. And it doesn’t mean they should give up! On the contrary, reschedule the play dates and they are bound to happen!

    Or, you can just invite everyone over to your home for a day or two and schedule a party. Serve some food and drinks and have a fun time! We hope our tips on how to make moving with kids easier will help you out on your relocation journey.

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