Weather conditions that can influence your move badly and how to prevent that


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Moving is not a simple process. A lot of things can go wrong, unfortunately. One of those things is bad weather. What are the weather conditions that can influence your move badly and how to handle a move during the winter months or when it is rainy? How to deal with moving in bad weather and can you move at all, are there tips you may apply in order to make the moving process possible? If you have already researched moving companies DC area, it is not enough to organize a relocation completely. There are other things to plan when moving to a new house. Can weather affect your relocation? It depends on many different factors – the answer can be yes and no – both. 

Weather conditions that can influence your move badly and how to deal with it?

Is it possible to move in bad weather? If it is – how to move? Having a moving guide is useful. No matter if you have moved before or you are moving for the first time. There are 3 main weather conditions that can influence your move badly, but we have tips and tricks for all 3 weather conditions.

  1. Rain
  2. Snow and ice
  3. Intense sunshine

#1 Rain

There are two types of rain – light and heavy rain. Both of these weather conditions can affect your move.

Light rain

Light rain is not a big problem when moving – locally or long distance. It should not stop you to move. But, still, take some prevention steps in order to protect your household items.

  • Using regular cardboard moving boxes is not a problem because light rain cannot damage items inside.
  • If you are moving items that are sensitive to moisture such as paintings, antique furniture, and electronics, cover those items with water-proof sheets.
  • Wear water-proof shoes.

Heavy rain

Heavy rain may affect your move badly. What to do in this case?

  • See if the rain will stop in a few hours. If it will, then you should better wait because these are weather conditions that can influence your move badly and ruin your items.
  • If you cannot wait, park a moving vehicle as close to your home.
  • Check if a moving vehicle is not leaking inside.
  • Cover all your possessions with water-proof blankets because cardboard moving boxes are not strong enough.
  • Prepare towels for you (and people that are included in the moving process) for drying.
  • Wear shoes for rain. Deep and anti-slip shoes.
snowy road
Snow is one of the weather conditions that can influence your move badly

#2 Snow and ice

Moving during the winter months is not easy. Most people are avoiding relocation in January because usually, it is the coldest month (in D.C. as well). If you need to move during winter, pay more attention.

  • Wear warm clothes and boots including a scarf, gloves, and hat. But, don’t wear your warmest clothes because when working, you could easily sweat and catch a cold.
  • Temperature-sensitive household items such as electronics and plants need to be isolated.
  • Clean paths from your home to a moving vehicle and your car. There should be no ice and snow. Shovel a driveway before the movers come.
  • Offer warm tea to movers and make the process a little bit easier.
  • Be mentally prepared for unexpected delays. Maybe some roads will be closed because of the snow.

One of the good sides of moving off-season is that you can find a moving company faster and at a more affordable price. They are not that busy in those months.

#3 Intense sunshine

Sunshine is not probably one of the weather conditions you think can influence your move. Summer is the best time to relocate because kids are not in school and you are free. Most people move during summer. But, when the temperatures are very high, can influence your move badly as well as your health. Especially if you are an older person.

family packing
Moving with friends or family can be fun
  • Drink a lot of water and make sure to stay hydrated.
  • Apply your sunscreen and wear a hat.
  • Temperature-sensitive items should be protected.
  • Prepare cold drinks for movers.

How to make the moving process easier?

Moving by yourself is hard. Especially if it is raining or snowing and plus if you are moving to another state. Moving is already stressful and when you add additional unexpected problems, you may lose your sanity. Besides weather conditions that can influence your move badly, you need to take care of other moving-related tasks, as well.

Hire a long-distance moving company

If you are moving to another state, you need to check the weather in both states. For example, if you are moving from DC to California, these two states have a totally different climate. To make sure your relocation will be smooth no matter what the weather is, having long distance movers DC by your side can be helpful. Even if the weather is nice, when moving cross country, it is highly recommended to hire a professional, reliable, and experienced mover. 

people carrying boxes
Moving doesn’t have to be difficult

Hire a local moving company

What if you are moving to the same city? For example, if you are moving to the other part of Washington D.C, or to the city that is close to D.C but it is rainy, cold, and snowy. It is also recommended to hire movers DC even when moving locally. It is dangerous to drive a moving vehicle when roads are slippery and when you can see well because of rain. Safety always comes first. A lot of people often underestimate the complexity of local relocations. But, they should not. It is less complicated than moving long-distance for sure, but still, it has some risks.


There are weather conditions that can influence your move badly, but luckily you can prevent that if you prepare everything on time. Organize a relocation like a pro and know what to expect when moving. Snow or sunshine don’t need to stop you from moving. You need to take some extra steps and to be more careful but, it is possible to move.

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