Top 10 healthiest places in Maryland


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When looking for a place to move to, you will consider different factors before you make a decision. There are many places to choose from and it can be difficult to make up your mind. One of the main factors that many people are considering is whether a place is healthy to live in. No matter which place you choose to live in, we recommend moving with the help of A2B Moving and Storage. Maryland is a big space and we will try to help you decide by giving you a list of the healthiest places in Maryland.


Columbia is a city in Maryland with a population of 105,000 residents. Apart from having plenty of fun things to do, it also offers many job opportunities. If you plan to move with some moving companies Frederick MD, know that your kids will have access to excellent schools and universities.

Picture of a kid leaving the classroom
Your kids will get great education in Columbia

Garrett Park

This is a small place with friendly people. Whoever moves here with the help of some moving companies Bethesda doesn’t regret it. There are lovely parks in this place and the proximity to DC makes for many entertainment options.

South Kensington

This suburb of Washington D.C has a population of only 8000 residents. South Kensington is one of the healthiest places in Maryland, and it also offers great educational opportunities for kids of all ages.

Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase is a great option to move if you are a retiree. Even though a calm little suburb, it offers plenty of entertainment options for all ages.

Somerset is one of the top-rated healthiest places in Maryland

Somerset is another suburb of Washington D.C that barely has 1000 residents. According to many people, it is a great place to live. Somerset is a rural part of the city, where the majority of people own their homes.


With a population of 65,000 residents, it is one of the bigger towns in Maryland. The main benefit that people love about it is the fact that it is very walkable. Everything is within walking distance and the streets are also safe to do so.

Martin’s Additions

This suburb of Washington is on the list mainly because it is a rural place where people grow organic, homegrown produce. What’s more healthy than organic products that you have grown yourself? Apart from that. it has highly rated schools and lots of entertainment options.


This is a small village in Montgomery County. Even though small, you can find everything here, from grocery shops to Starbucks. If you can’t find something in Potomac, you can find it in other nearby places with ease.

Forest Glen

The transportation in Forest Glen is something that residents love about it. Safe, crime-free streets are also a great plus that attracts people to move here with the help of some movers Maryland. Everything is within walking distance and if not, you can always catch the metro.


Travilah can be referred to as the classic American neighborhood. The wide, tree-lined streets with houses that have porches. That’s the way that the streets look in this place. Up to 96% of residents own the homes that they live in.

Picture of a beautiful house in one of the healthiest places in Maryland
Travilah is the classic American neighborhood

Conclusion on the healthiest places in Maryland

Even with our list of top 10 healthiest places in Maryland, it can still be difficult to pick. Before you start looking, make sure that you know what you are looking for. And don’t forget to take into consideration the opinions of your family in case you are not moving alone.

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