Commercial relocation checklist: an ultimate guide


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When you started your business, you were probably full of hope that it will prosper and grow one day. Congratulations! Since you are here, looking for a commercial relocation checklist, you are probably a few steps away from moving your business. This type of relocation normally happens if your hard work has paid off and it is prosperous. To protect your company while moving, we recommend hiring some of the moving companies DC area. But even with professionals at your side, it won’t be bad to know what’s expected from you during this period.

Commercial relocation checklist

During any type of relocation, there is stress included. When moving your business, your main goal should be to do it with as little disruption as possible. Your customers won’t care if you are moving or not, they are there for the services that you offer, and they expect to get them. For minimal disruptions during a move, it would be best to hire some office movers DC. Our commercial relocation checklist will also help with that, so make sure to remember these steps.

Preliminary – Notify both old and new landlords of the move

Chances are that you have given a deposit when your team moved into your current workspace. If you don’t want to lose it, notify your actual landlord of the move on time, well before you hire movers DC. This way both you and them will have time to adjust to it. Once you find the right premise for your business, make everything needed to not lose it. Competition is high, especially with people slowly going back to their offices after the Covid pandemic. Finalize everything that is needed well before your move-in date.

People shaking hands
It is important to notify both old and new landlord of the move

4-6 weeks in advance

The following commercial relocation checklist might look a little overwhelming, but that’s the reason why we suggest doing it so early before your move. This is also the right time to think about whether you will be needing some storage services DC. Don’t think that you have time to do it because time passes fast, and there are so many things that need to be done. Some of the most important things to do during this period are:

  • Hire professional assistance – an office relocation is a lot of work, and doing this can decrease the stress drastically. Corporate movers are trained, skilled people who do this for a living, and therefore they know best what needs to be done.
  • Change the address wherever you need to – this usually includes the mail-forwarding system, post office, financial institutions, insurance company, etc. Do this as soon as possible, because you will likely forget about it.
  • Inform your vendors and customers of the relocation – your business wouldn’t be where it is if it wasn’t for these people. Because of that, notifying them that their favorite company is moving should be a priority.

2-3 weeks before the move

  • Inform your team about the relocation – your business cannot function without your team of employees, so you should inform them on time. This will give them time to make decisions for themselves, and get prepared to move.
  • Encourage employees to declutter and start packing – no one needs clutter in their office space, but it tends to accumulate anyway. Moving is the best time to do this, so make sure to use the opportunity.
  • Change address on your website – now that your current customers know where to find you, you should inform your future customers as well.

Moving day

  • Remove computer equipment early – this way the providers can set it up in your new office before arriving
  • Have the heat or air conditioning turned on in the new space
  • Check the phone system and internet after installation
Picture of sealed cardboard boxes
Try to have everything ready before your movers arrive

Conclusion on our commercial relocation checklist

As you can see, a commercial relocation checklist includes many things that need to be done. For that reason, we suggest to start preparing well in advance We wish you a successful and easy relocation!

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