What to do in DC when it’s hot?


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Summers in the nation’s capital can be sweltering, turning the vibrant streets of DC into a sizzling hotplate. For those who call this city home, the challenge isn’t just about navigating the political heat. It is also difficult to find ways to stay cool when the mercury rises. After you have hired movers DC area offers and settled into your new abode, it becomes essential to discover the city’s hidden gems that provide relief from the scorching sun. Therefore, to all current and future DC residents, here’s a curated list of what to do in DC when it’s hot. Read on and make the most of those hot summer days.

Dive into DC’s hidden pools and waterfronts:

When the sun blazes overhead, DC residents often seek solace in the city’s refreshing waters. While the National Mall’s reflecting pool might be the most iconic, there are several lesser-known spots that promise a cool escape. Here’s a list of some ethereal spots around DC where you can take a refreshing dip:

  • Cunningham Falls State Park: A scenic spot known for its cascading waterfall and serene swimming area.
  • Patapsco Valley State Park: A vast park with multiple sections, offering deep swimming holes, especially in the McKeldin north area.
  • Buzzard Rock Hole: A hidden gem where the waters are cool and the surroundings are tranquil.
  • Overall Run Falls: A picturesque waterfall with pools that are perfect for a summer swim.
  • Whiteoak Canyon trail: A trail that leads to multiple waterfalls, each with its own unique swimming spot.

Whether you’re looking to swim amidst nature or just relax by the water’s edge, these spots offer a perfect respite from the city’s summer heat. So, grab your swimsuit and head out to one of these hidden treasures!

Woman's legs in a swimming pool
When not knowing what to do in DC when it’s hot, visit one of the many swimming pools in the area.

Explore the city’s underground treasures

When you first move to the city with the help of Washington DC movers, there’s so much to see above ground that it’s easy to overlook what lies beneath. DC’s underground attractions, like the Dupont Circle tunnels, offer a unique perspective of the city’s history and architecture. These subterranean spots not only provide intriguing insights but also offer a respite from the heat due to their naturally cooler environment. Whether you’re a history buff or just looking for a cool escape, don’t miss out on exploring these hidden gems. Check for any events or tours available to make the most of your underground adventure.

When wondering what to do in DC when it’s hot, opt for the classic – ice-cream

There’s nothing quite like the joy of savoring a cold treat on a scorching DC day. The city boasts a plethora of delightful ice cream parlors and gelato shops that have become local favorites. One such spot is Moorenko’s Ice Cream Café, known for its rich flavors and creamy texture. Not too far away, Mount Desert Island Ice Cream offers a unique blend of traditional and experimental flavors, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

If you’re in the mood for something splendid, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is a must-visit. Their artisanal approach to ice cream-making has earned them a loyal following. For those who prefer a more nostalgic experience, Goodies Frozen Custard and Treats takes you back in time with its classic American frozen custard.

But it’s not just about ice cream. DC is also home to places like Pitango Gelato, where the gelato is churned with passion and the finest ingredients. Each spoonful is a testament to the craftsmanship that goes into making these delightful desserts.

So, the next time the sun feels relentless, and you’re looking for a sweet escape, remember that DC’s streets are lined with these icy havens, waiting to offer you a momentary respite.

an assortment of ice-creams
DC is home to many shops and eateries offering delicious ice-creams.

Attend indoor cultural events

For those who’ve recently relocated their workspace with the assistance of office movers DC is home to, taking a break from the office setting to indulge in the city’s cultural scene can be a refreshing change. You won’t be wondering what to do in DC when it’s hot for too long. This area offers a myriad of indoor events such as art exhibitions, theater shows, and film screenings. These events not only allow residents to appreciate the arts but also provide a cool escape from the summer heat. The dual benefit of enjoying culture while staying cool is a win-win. Keep an eye out for upcoming events or venues that cater to your interests and make your summer in DC culturally enriching

What to do in DC when it’s hot? Visit air-conditioned museums

Once you’ve settled in with the help of residential movers Washington DC residents trust, it’s time to immerse yourself in the city’s rich cultural tapestry. DC boasts a plethora of museums, from the world-renowned Smithsonian to smaller, niche establishments. These museums not only offer a deep dive into history and art but also provide the comfort of exploring in a climate-controlled environment. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or an art lover, there’s something for everyone. Remember to check for any special exhibitions or events during your visit to make it even more memorable.

Take a nighttime stroll through illuminated monuments

As the sun sets, Washington, DC transforms into a city of lights, with its iconic monuments taking on a mesmerizing glow. The US Capitol stands tall, its dome shining brightly against the night sky. Not far away, the Washington Monument pierces the darkness, serving as a beacon of hope and history. The World War II Memorial, with its fountains and pillars, reflects the moonlight, creating a serene and cool ambiance. Meanwhile, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, also known as the Vietnam Wall, becomes even more poignant under the soft illumination. These landmarks, bathed in light, offer a peaceful and reflective experience. So, when the city cools down, take a moment to wander and appreciate the capital’s illuminated beauty.

The US Capitol at night which is great to check out when wondering what to do in DC when it's hot.
Many monuments in the area are wonderfully illuminated at night when it’s refreshing to observe them.

Cooling down in the capital is both refreshing and fun

As the summer sun casts its intense glow over the streets of DC, you might wonder what to di in DC when it’s hot. But, it’s clear that the city offers more than just political debates and historic landmarks. From nighttime strolls amidst illuminated monuments to diving into the city’s cultural scene, there’s no shortage of ways to beat the heat. For every resident, whether you’ve just moved in or have been here for years, there’s a cool corner waiting to be discovered. So, as the temperatures soar, don’t let the heat deter you. Embrace the warmth, explore these refreshing activities, and make your DC summer memorable. Stay cool, DC, and enjoy every sun-soaked moment!

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