What to pack when moving from Washington to Virginia


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It’s not too easy to pack when moving from Washington to Virginia. It’s a long-distance move which, of course, means it is a bit more complicated than other types of moves. But luckily for you, many moving companies DC area have all the knowledge you might be missing. Us included! So, let’s talk about what you need to pack when moving from Washington to Virginia.

A photo of Washington DC
Leaving Washington for Virginia can be beneficial on so many levels

Try downsizing as much as you can

When we say this, we always keep in mind that not everyone can downsize just like that. Everyone’s financial situation differs and maybe you just don’t want to replace the items you own. But, if you were thinking of buying a new washing machine, for example, moving is the perfect time to do so. You can sell or donate your old washing machine and have one item less to transport. Downsizing can also include getting rid of some items you are holding onto that aren’t of use to you. We all have that one small storage room or space that holds all of the things we basically don’t need. We just think we need them.

Your long-distance movers DC will be thankful when you present them with fewer items for moving. But, not only that, you will be thankful to yourself for getting rid of things you don’t need. Some things have sentimental value, but you need to be careful and not keep everything from when your child was a baby, for example. Their favorite plushies or clothes, sure thing! But, every single item they used might be a bit overkill.

Set aside the time for packing

You need to be careful when taking up packing because it is much more time-consuming than it seems at first. That’s why you just need to prepare a packing list, designated packing time, and a plan. The plan must include packing times that need to be followed. Self-discipline is hard, but if it’s something you’re having issues with, no better time to start practicing than now. Around 3-4 weeks before your move is the ideal time to start packing. The foolproof method we’ve been recommending is to pack each day for around 2 hours. This way you won’t notice the workload and you’ll still have plenty of time to do whatever you love in your pastime.


A woman writing in a notebook
Creating a good packing plan and sticking to it is the right way to go!

Now, what to pack when moving from Washington to Virginia?

Well, basically, you need to pack everything. We’ve mentioned it before, but do try to get rid of as many useless items as you can. Your future self will be so grateful to you. So, what are the items you need to pack for your move?

  • furniture
  • clothes
  • appliances
  • chargers
  • medicine
  • toiletries
  • decorations

This is, of course, a very basic list of the things you own in your home. If we were to write down each thing you need to pack, you wouldn’t have the time to read it, let alone follow it.


When it comes to packing and preparing furniture for a move, there is no better way to go about it than disassembling the furniture. Couches can have their legs removed, tables and chairs as well. A huge wardrobe that would occupy space in one whole moving truck? Just disassemble it and put it into smaller boxes. You might be thinking to yourself that it is a lot of work to disassemble everything just to have to reassemble it again. If you’re able to hire more moving trucks and skip the disassembling, then more power to you! Your movers Virginia will handle the furniture with care.


Clothes are a pretty easy thing to pack. They get damaged very rarely and only if something spills on them. So be sure to pack anything that can spill separately. Clothes can easily fit into moving boxes and you can label where you put which items. For the clothes you will need to use immediately we recommend filling up a suitcase. In this suitcase, you should also pack some other essentials: food for when you arrive, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a brush, hair products, skin products, etc. Be prepared!


Appliances can either be the easiest thing to pack or the hardest. If you’ve saved the boxes your appliances came in with, you’re in luck. Just placing them in their designated box and taping it securely should be more than enough to keep them safe. If you’re someone who throws away their boxes, you will need to find boxes of a specific size for these items. It is unwise to leave any room in appliance boxes as they can get damaged during transport if they are moving too much. Many moving services DC offer amazing packing services alongside everything else. If packing seems too overwhelming (and we know it can), hiring moving services is the right step to take.

Appliances in the kitchen
Packing your appliances in their original box is the absolute best way to keep them safe from harm.

Chargers, medicine, toiletries

It might be silly to mention all of this as it goes without saying you will need these items. But, believe it or not, these are some of the most often forgotten items. Keep the chargers near their appliance, medicine in a box or a vanity case, and your toiletries and cleaning supplies need to be separate from everything else. Toiletries and cleaning supplies are items that movers often won’t move. The risk of spilling is too high and they want to keep your items as safe as possible. You can transport them yourself in your car, just be careful to use spill-proof plastic packaging!


If you have any artwork, statues, or items of extreme value, you need to be careful with them. We recommend hiring specialized services to help you out because DIY is not safe enough for priceless items.

We hope that you now know what and how to pack when moving from Washington to Virginia!

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