7 ways to cut costs of your relocation to DC


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Relocation can be stressful, overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive. Whether you are planning to move to DC from another state, or just across the city, being on a budget can make your move more difficult. However, if you organize everything on time, hire a reliable company such as A2B Moving and Storage, and cut on some expenses your relocation will become much easier.  If you are not sure how to save money, here are 7 ways to cut costs of your relocation to DC.

Make an expenses checklist to help you cut costs of your relocation

The first thing that you should do to control your costs is to make moving expenses checklist. This list should include everything that you will have to pay for during your relocation process. Include expenses such as transportation of your belongings and yourself, packing, post-arrival expenses, etc. Write down your budget and try to divide it among these categories.

Person marking Yes or No checklist
To cut costs of your relocation to DC make an expenses checklist

It may happen that for one category you will have to pay more than what you have expected. But this checklist will allow you to find out in which categories you can cut that cost. This checklist will be your guide during your relocation process.

Get quotes from several moving companies

Transportation of your belongings will be the biggest cost. That is why it is important to get free estimates from several moving companies. Do not accept estimates over the phone or email. To get an accurate moving cost local movers DC should come to your home and estimate your belongings.

Be careful, because even if you get a low price estimate, it doesn’t mean that that company is the cheapest one. Do not forget to ask about any hidden costs and extra expenses that might be added after your move.

Choose the right date and time for your relocation to DC

Another good way to save money when relocating to DC is to choose the cheapest date and time. If you are flexible with your moving schedule this can save you up to 20% of your moving cost. Try to avoid moving in peak season and do not book your relocation on weekends.

Eyeglasses on the calendar as symbol that right date can cut costs of your relocation to DC
For your relocation choose an off-season day

Have in mind that relocation during the off-season – September to May- and in the middle of the month will help you cut costs of your relocation to DC. Also, if possible, book your moving day in advance since some moving companies give discounts on early bookings.

Find a reliable moving company

As already mentioned having a low-cost estimate doesn’t mean that you found the cheapest moving company. You must hire movers DC that are both affordable and reliable. Bear in mind that hiring a company that is giving you extremely low prices can mean poor service as well. Even if you are on the budget you should find a company that will take good care of your staff.

Also, be mindful of fraudulent companies and scams, since they are the ones who usually provide extremely low prices. To avoid these companies do good research and read reviews. Having a reliable moving company means that you will not have extra expenses after your moving day.

Declutter your home to cut costs of your relocation to DC

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to save money is to declutter your home and get rid of unwanted items. Whether you are moving locally or using long-distance movers DC, your cost will be based on the weight of your belongings. It means fewer items you ship, more money you will save.

Consider selling the items that you don’t need. Organize a garage sale or use online platforms to get rid of the items that you don’t want to move to your new home. This way, not only that you will save on the transportation of your belongings, but you will add some cash to your budget as well.

Choose the right packing supplies

The best way to save money during your relocation is to pack everything by yourself. To save money on moving boxes ask your friends to give you their used ones. Also, you can go to the local supermarket and get some cardboard moving boxes for free. In fact, you can save money not only on moving boxes but packing supplies as well. Use the soft items that you already have such as blankets and sweaters to wrap up your belongings.

Women holding cardboard moving box
Get your moving boxes from your friends or the local supermarket

On the other hand, you should still consider hiring professional packers for your valuable and fragile items. This way you will be sure that your staff is well-protected and secured for your moving day. Using moving services DC will save you money since they are professionals who will know how to handle your valuable and fragile items. You will not have to worry about spending more money on the repair in case of any damage.

Purchasing moving insurance can cut costs of your relocation to DC

Purchasing insurance may not seem like saving money at first, but it will actually cut your potential cost. You should have your belongings covered in case of any unexpected event. Even though you are hiring professionals that know how to handle your valuable belongings it is important to get moving insurance and be extra cautious. Get coverage for your items in case of any damage or loss. Types of moving insurance that you can purchase are:

  • Basic carrier insurance
  • Declared value protection
  • Full replacement liability

At first, moving on the budget may seem difficult, but with good organization and planning, you will overcome all the challenges. If you follow these 7 ways to cut costs of your relocation to DC you can be sure that you will save money by the end of your move.

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