A guide to moving to Virginia as a single parent


    Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. And it’s even more stressful for your little ones. You already know what single parenting is like, but moving to Virginia as a single parent might need a bit more preparation. If you take things slow and create a good plan, there’s nothing to worry about. We at A2B Moving and Storage have prepared the perfect guide to help you out. Let’s take a look at it.

    A woman moving to Virginia as a single parent with her son

    Create a good plan in advance

    Since you’re an only parent, most of the work surrounding your move will be up to you. It’s crucial to create a good plan and stick to the timeline. Usually, people start moving preparations around a month or two before the scheduled move. But, considering that you’ll be doing most of the work by yourself, we’d recommend 2, or 3 months. You can start by hiring your local movers Northern VA and work from there. When it comes to hiring reputable movers, be sure to ask for recommendations, or check out the companies online. Another pro tip we can share is to book your movers during the weekdays. It can be much more cost-effective! And after a move, each penny counts.

    We’d recommend getting a planner and putting your plan in it. You can always change or shift things around. But, it’s important that you have a thought-out timeline in front of you. Remember to manage your time smartly. You can do some things that need a lot of time and effort while your kids are at school or hanging out with friends. This plan should by no means be imperative, it’s there to help organize you and your move.

    Prepare your children

    Moving to Virginia as a single parent is hard for everyone involved, it’s a big change. But, children aren’t still used to big changes, so it can affect them more than you think it will. They need to change schools, leave all their friends behind, and say goodbye to a town where they’ve lived their entire lives. A good idea might be to plan the move after graduation so that your kids can focus on school work and see their friends during the summer.

    Explain to your kids that moving doesn’t mean everything needs to change. With the internet, they can easily stay in touch with their friends. This is an amazing time to teach your children the importance of staying in touch with friends. Think up a way they can schedule calls with their best friends after the move. And be sure to promise that you will return to your home to see their friends once you have the time! Obviously, you too have friends at your current residence. As soon as you book your movers Virginia, tell your kids about the move. A lot of people hide this information from their little ones, but it will prove to be the wrong choice. Your children might not trust you anymore!

    A woman talking to her son
    Let your kids experience their heavy emotions, and offer support along the way.

    Be prepared for various reactions depending on the maturity of your kids. Some may take it very hard, while others understand. Be open to their reactions and comfort them and reassure them. You should ask them if they have any questions and answer truthfully. It will build trust between you and make everything easier for them.

    Involve your children

    Involving the little ones can be a great way to build excitement. One of the best ways to ease moving to Virginia as a single parent is to accept the help of your kids. Not only will you get some help, but you’ll make your children feel like part of the preparations. They could, for example, pack up their rooms. If they’re not old enough, you could show them how to organize their toys or other small tasks. This kind of teamwork will show your children that working together is always a good option.

    You can ask them to prepare an essentials box/bag for themselves. Or, they could simply decorate the moving boxes with markers and stickers. You might also want to ask them to clean up their rooms once they’re packed. The point is that when your best movers Alexandria VA arrive, your children will be excited and ready!

    Stay positive while moving to Virginia as a single parent

    One of the hardest things you will need to do in this time is to stay positive for your little ones. Moving will test both your physical and mental strength. It’s important to set aside some time for rest. If you aren’t rested, you can easily overdo it and become irritable. The last thing you and your children need is a stressed-out parent. A good way to counteract this is to set aside certain times that are just for resting. You can watch a movie with your kids, go out to a park, or eat. Whatever family activity relaxes you, be sure to include it during the moving process.

    A mother playing with her daughter
    Happy, sweet family moments need to be present during stressful events like moving! Show your children that they can do hard things.

    Staying positive is hard, but you need to create a good model for your children. When they see how calm, collected, and optimistic you are in stressful situations, it will ease their worries as well. Moving to Virginia as a single parent doesn’t need to be a horrible experience. As much as you calm your children, they calm you too. Seeing them will make everything worth it! And, even if you are someone who succumbs to stress, you might just teach yourself a completely new, healthier approach. You want to be calm in a stressful situation to help your children regulate their emotions! It’s a valuable lesson, so try your best for your little ones.

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