A guide to relocating your household in a week


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Moving is always a stressful period in one’s life. There are a lot of tasks you have to check on your list. You have to finish everything. First, you need to plan your move. Then, you need to find reliable movers, such as A2B Moving and Storage, who will help you with the process.  And finally, you have to unpack. It seems like it lasts for months. In reality, this is the case. However, sometimes you don’t have months to plan and prepare for your relocation. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have weeks. You only have days. One week, to be more precise. So, you probably think that it is an impossible task. Relocating your household in a week is just not doable? Well, you are not quite right. With our guide, you will see how a week can be enough to relocate the household.

Planning is always the crucial step when it comes to relocation

There can be many reasons why you have to move on such short notice. Most likely, it is one of the two: either you didn’t receive many warnings that one was coming and you received the eviction note late. Or, you put off making the move, and time crept up on you. Take a minute to take a big breath, and then get started since relocating in a week or less might feel really stressful. Don’t put off doing anything since life is hectic, things happen, and frankly, you don’t have time to think about it. Simply start working.

A woman taping a cardboard box
Relocating your household in a week is difficult, but it is possible

So, the first thing on your planning checklist, apart from packing, should be hiring movers. Fortunately for you, movers Virginia are some of the most reliable and experienced movers you can find. They will make your relocation process much easier. When you cross out contacting them from your list, you can move on to planning packing.

Prepare the moving budget

Planning the relocation budget is even more important than planning how to pack. If you don’t know how much money you can spend on relocation, you will have huge problems. So, prepare your budget for relocating your household in a week, even if it means you will have even less time to pack. You must be well aware of how much money you can spare for both the relocation itself and any additional expenses. To that end, if you’re on a tight budget, search for reasonably priced local movers Northern VA or try increasing the amount of work you’ll do on your own. Never forget that by planning more with less money, you can’t do yourself a favor.

Gather packing supplies as quickly as you can

It’s vital to purchase everything you need in one trip since you won’t have time to make several runs back and forth to the shop to pick up boxes and other packing supplies. Don’t forget to get a few wardrobe boxes so you may pack your clothing without taking them off their hangers and folding them. You have to see and decide how many moving boxes you will need. Always take a few more. You can easily get rid of them later. Don’t forget the necessities, such as:

  • furniture covers if you’re planning on moving yourself,
  • packing tape,
  • paper,
  • and boxes.
A woman surrounded by moving boxes
Gather all the packing supplies

When relocating your household in a week, pack only the items you need and really use

The less you have to pack and move when you have a little time, the better. Get rid of anything and everything you can, especially anything that is no longer useful. Sort all of these things out with the intention of recycling or giving as much as you can. Then remove everything from there, even if you have to take breaks to go back and forth to the recycle bin or a donation location. Even better if you have a friend who will come pick up the goods you want to give and is prepared to drop them off for you or keep them until you are through the packing and can make the journey.

Take care of packing first

If left until the very last minute, difficult and time-consuming jobs can become quite irritating. You’ll be worn out and overwhelmed at that point. Dealing with difficult chores, like packing, for example, will be considerably more difficult as a result. Therefore, it would be advisable to finish the most difficult jobs first and save the easier ones for last. Your relocation preparation will go a lot more easily if you do this. In addition to that, ask for help. If you have only a week, engaging friends and family in your tasks is a wise idea. Of course, they don’t have to be with you each of the seven days, 24 hours a day. But even a few hours will mean a lot to you. And you can take them out for dinner when everything is over.

A man and a woman moving a table
Start from the most difficult things when it comes to packing

Take care of utilities

When you have to move in a week or less, it’s easy to get sidetracked, but it’s crucial to remember to take care of the little things. These include notifying the post office of your new address and setting up the transfer of your existing home’s gas, electricity, internet, cable, etc. to your new residence. Unfortunately, if you move quickly, it’s possible that the timetables won’t line up precisely, and you might have to wait a little while for your mail to be sent or for your new internet to be set up. You and your best movers Alexandria VA might finish relocation before everything else is settled. If you have the time call a few people and kindly request that these services be expedited.

Relocating your household in a week is possible

Relocating your household in a week is challenging, but it’s also not impossible. Keep time management in mind and just concentrate on the tasks you have to do. Overall, keep an optimistic attitude. Even if it won’t be enjoyable, it will be over soon.

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