How to help your grandparents relocate long-distance?


    Moving is one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Just think back to your latest relocation and you might just feel a bit of a headache coming on. But, just imagine how your grandparents must be feeling! It’s a lot of work, and older people have less energy as they age. So, you really should help your grandparents relocate long-distance. You can make it a family project and each member can contribute! Remember to also consult various moving companies DC area, as well as make the whole relocation as fun as possible.

    A grandma with her granddaughter
    Be the emotional support for your grandparents during the relocation

    Communicate and understand them

    This is not always the case, but, when people get older they become friendlier with their comfort zone. Any bigger changes can be quite stressful and create a lot of anxiety. A lot of grandparents have strong attachments to their residences, especially if their children and grandchildren live near. This moving process will likely be very emotionally taxing on your grandparents. This is why we put an emphasis on communication and understanding. You should talk to your grandparents about the move. Go over the various reasons why they decided to move, or why they need to move. And, once you’ve explained everything, give them a moment to process. Remember to point out the various advantages of this move, as well as reassure them that they’re making the right decision.

    Still, we urge you to really exercise your patience. There is a possibility that some arguments could arise. Try to understand your grandparents, even if they seem a bit dramatic. This whole relocation is a bit dramatic for them! They will have an easier time accepting the relocation if you talk about it as much as possible. Even your long-distance movers DC could provide some insight to calm the nerves of your grandparents.

    Create a thorough plan

    Help your grandparents relocate long-distance by organizing the relocation! You already know how taxing and time-consuming moving is. This doesn’t mean it needs to be the hardest thing ever, though. What you can do for your loved ones in this situation is create a moving plan. Discuss with your grandparents what their needs and wants are. Do the movers Bethesda MD need to also help with packing? Which date is the ideal one? How big is the new home in comparison to their current home? These and many more questions are the ones you need to ask yourself as well as your grandparents.

    If you really wish to put them at ease, you can create a floor plan. Unless you’re an architect, what we meant is a rough sketch with the furniture approximately arranged around the home. Your grandparents will feel so much better if they can see their new apartment floor plan. They might even throw out some suggestions on where each piece of furniture should go. Also, this kind of exercise might leave them feeling pumped about moving. They get to see their new home and remember that they can arrange their home how they like! And everyone loves a bit of home arrangement.

    A to-do list for today
    A good, thorough plan will keep you all calm. You can enjoy each other’s company while also doing some work!

    Ask the family to join in the preparations

    We are sure you’re planning on hiring moving services, but if you were considering it, let us tell you to do so after all. Professional movers have a lot of experience with moving as well as with people. Many times they are trained in senior relocations, as they tend to be a bit harder. But, movers can’t help you each step of the way. They are there to do the heavy lifting and the relocation itself, but you will have to tend to the needs of your grandparents. Ask your parents, siblings, and even some family that lives close by to help out a bit. What we’d advise you to do is host frequent get-togethers at your grandparents’ and while you all talk and relax, do a bit of work. Usually, the easiest way you can help is by packing. Ask everyone to pack up bits of the house as you all enjoy each other’s company.

    More than the physical part of the relocation, your grandparents need mental reassurance. The sense of love and community they will get when they see the entire family helping out is priceless. Simply having close ones near you can help calm you down. And, to go even a step further, hype up their new home and just how much you plan on visiting. This will give them confidence and a sense of looking forward to something.

    Make inventory

    Usually, when people move, their homes need a bit of downsizing. This is why while you pack up your grandparents, you need to pay attention to what they need and what they don’t need. You can even create piles for donation or throwing away if an item is too damaged. Be sure to listen to your grandparents if an old item is too sentimental to throw away! But, be sure to put your foot down when you notice them wanting to keep something that no longer serves them. And as you go sorting through the items, write them down on their respective list. Accidents like losing your items happen rarely, but an inventory list doesn’t hurt to have.

    An asian family with grandparents holding flowers
    Remember how your grandparents raised you and kept you safe while you were little. Try and repay the favor by creating a stress-free relocation!

    Moving day plan

    The last thing you can do to help your grandparents relocate long-distance is to create a moving day plan. This can be as simple as waking up early and hanging out until the movers come. Or as complicated as finishing up packing. You decide how you’re going to manage your time. But, always remember to make your grandparents feel loved and safe. They need to know they will see you often once they move! And make good on that promise.

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