How to pack books when relocating?


    Even though everything nowadays can be read on the phone, many people still choose to have books. There is something about books that devices can never replace. Whether you like to read or are a book-collecting enthusiast, you will probably worry about your books before relocation. Your best bet to keep them safe is moving with some moving companies DC area. You can also implement certain packing techniques to ensure even better safety for your books. Even though they are not fragile, they are still susceptible to different kinds of factors. For that reason, we will teach you how to pack books when relocating.

    Tips on how to pack books when relocating

    Books are more prone to damage than you may think. You might plan to hire movers DC, but it won’t hurt to ensure maximum safety for your items. And you will do that by:

    • Getting small boxes and not overfilling them
    • Not leaving empty spaces
    • Being generous with the packing tape
    • Not forgetting labels
    Person trying to pack books when relocating
    It’s better to be safe than sorry

    Don’t overload the small boxes

    The best size of boxes you can pick when trying to pack books when relocating is the small one. These won’t get ridiculously heavy because you cannot fit many items inside, to begin with. The employees of one of the moving companies Arlington VA will be thankful to you. Books might not seem heavy, but they are. Do your back a favor and pack lightly.

    Don’t leave empty spaces

    Empty spaces in boxes between items are your arch nemesis when packing. Books might not be as fragile as a set of dishes, but they can still get damaged from shifting during transport. If you close the box and feel that your books are shifting, go back and fill out any empty spaces. Use crumbled packing paper or newspapers for this.

    Packing tape

    Books are heavy items. If the box with books happens to fall over during transport, they will open the top of the box. Tape the box shut with generous amounts of tape to avoid this from happening. Even though they won’t break, old books can get quite beaten up from a fall. No matter the value of your books, you should try to prevent this from happening. Your best way to protect your books, and all your items when moving is to hire some residential movers VA. They know how to take care of things.

    Don’t forget labels

    Labels cannot be stressed enough. It is the most overseen part of packing. To some extent it is understandable. You have finished packing everything and you just don’t have the strength for another task. This small task that will take you a few minutes will save you hours of headache. You will be able to make your new city feel like home instead of thinking about what box goes where.

    Picture of labeled boxes
    Labels are important

    Conclusion on how to pack books when relocating

    Now that you have learned how to pack books when relocating, you will enter the whole moving process more confidently. Once you finish everything, you will be able to relax while reading your favorite book while drinking a cup of tea. Have fun packing!

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