How to pack your library for the move in DC?


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You are moving your home and there are many moving tasks to cover. You should organize the packing process, work on your legalities, set aside a moving budget, search for moving companies DC area, and more. But one thing that will make your relocation ten times harder is the fact that you must pack your library for the move in DC. Packing all those books will be extremely hard. Especially if you have a lot of them and if you possess valuable pieces. So, let us help you out with a small guide on how to do it right.

Cleaning before you pack your library for the move in DC is your first step

The first step on this journey is to clean all your books inside out. As a book owner, you know that books gather a lot of dust, smoke, hair, lint, and much more. Yes, you clean them regularly but you should do it just before the move to avoid bringing any of it into your new home. Therefore, this is your first task. Clean your books thoroughly. Use leather gloves when handling books and use duster or microfiber cloth as well. Do not use any water or cleaning products on your books if you do not want to ruin them beyond repair.

a woman preparing to pack your library for the move in DC
Use a duster or fiber cloth and gently clean the dust off your books.

In case you have old antique books or simply valuable pieces, maybe it is better to consult a professional art dealer. They will advise you how to clean your book or they will do it for you for a fee. It is better to let them use the proper methods and techniques instead of making permanent damages. Once you clean and sort this part out, you can begin gathering packing materials and pack your library for the move in DC.

Your books need an adequate protection

We must remind you that your books are not the most important thing in your life and they will probably sit around for a few days. Maybe you will unpack them in a week or two once you get the time to do it. If you are lucky and you do have time you will get right to it. But most of us will unpack everyday necessities and get back to our daily routines while unpacking gradually over the upcoming weeks. We are mentioning this because you must find a proper place for your boxes. A dark but dry place for the boxes to sit there and be safe from rodents, pests, humidity, dust, and all other environmental influences. Keep this in mind and cover this part as soon as you move in.

Also, if you are using moving services DC and you purchased packing services, remind your movers to use stronger boxes for your books. And if possible, purchase book sleeves for more valuable pieces you possess. Extra protection will help for sure.

Browse through your collection once more before you pack it

This is the right moment to browse through your entire collection. If you have time to pack your books slowly, you should take your time and sort your collection out. Review and remind yourself what you have there and refresh some of the good old memories. At the same time, create a packing plan to sort out boxes by category. You probably already have a system you prefer the most like separating old from new books, paperbacks from hardcovers, by rarity, a condition they are in, by color, year of release, etc. Choose your system and enjoy this journey. Besides, it will be much easier for you when you begin unpacking. You will simply pull out everything and put it straight onto the shelves.

books on shelves
If you have something like this, maybe it is time to sort it all out.

Time to pack your library for the move in DC

Now after you cleaned and sorted your books, it is time to pack your library for the move in DC. Firstly, you must obtain all the packing materials required. Stop by the nearest hardware store and obtain cardboard boxes, plastic containers, or bins. You can choose one of the three or combine them together. Just make sure you have enough. And remember, you are not packing books only. Purchase packing materials for the entire relocation. Next are the adhesive tape, blister packs, and labels. Now, you can purchase everything at the store, order online, or from your local movers DC. Just make sure you get everything from the list. As soon as you have everything. Start packing.

The packing is fairly simple. Take a box, place a cushion inside, then place your books, close your box, and tape it down, and label with the content inside. Let’s break it down a bit. So, you should never overstuff your box and go over 50lb. Use blister packs as a cushion for the box or even wrap each book individually. Apply several layers of tape to make your box stronger. And the detailed description of each label will help everyone involved. There you go. Now rinse and repeat until you are packed completely.

You will surely need help from the professional moving company

Now, after you have an idea of how to pack your precious cargo. But how will you transport it to the new location? Surely you’ll need professional moving assistance. Therefore, sit down and start browsing the internet for long distance movers DC. You can’t do this alone and movers have all the tools and equipment as well as the knowledge on how to perform this delicate task successfully. So, compare prices, services, and feedbacks. Check blog posts and social media comments if possible. Compare movers across the board and guided by your preset requisites make a shortlist of those you like the most. Once you have a few companies in mind, start calling one by one. Ensure they possess the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • All required moving services and insurance.
  • Appropriately sized vehicles.
  • Experienced manpower.
mover taking notes about the moving cargo
Find a trustworthy moving company that will relocate this precious cargo safely.

Those are just the mandatory requirements for each moving company. You can always ask additional questions and communicate further. Ask whatever you like and if you are not satisfied with the outcome, call another company. After you talk with all of them, compare your findings and settle with the best of them.

Do you have enough space in your new home?

As you know, libraries can be quite huge. Some people have more than a thousand books in their collection and storing everything inside one room can be quite a challenge. And if you are moving into a smaller home, this is a problem right from the start. So, maybe you should downsize before moving first to free some space. Remove some of the old items you have at your attic, garage, and basement. You can donate, sell online, recycle, or give to friends. This way you will have an easier and more affordable relocation. At the same time, you will have more space to make a better furniture layout and install a bigger shelving system for your books. That sounds about right if you ask us.

Now you know how to pack your library for the move in DC. It is not an easy feat for sure, but now you are ready for it. We are sure you will handle this task like a pro and enjoy reading your collection for years to come. Good luck.

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