How to pick the right moving truck size: All you need to know


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Moving can be a significant milestone in one’s life, filled with both excitement and stress. One of the most critical decisions in the moving process is when you need to pick the right moving truck size. This seemingly simple task can have profound implications for your moving day. A truck that’s too small could mean multiple trips or leaving behind essential belongings. In contrast, an oversized truck can be hard to handle and an unnecessary expenditure. To make the right decision, you’ll need to know a bit about this topic. Here’s what you should think of.

Assess your needs before you start

Before diving into truck size selection, take some time to assess what you’ll be moving. You can start by creating an inventory of your larger items, such as furniture and appliances. Measure these items to get an idea of their volume. Don’t overlook smaller, delicate, or valuable items that may need special packing considerations or extra space. You can observe packing like a game of Tetris – every inch counts. Knowing what you have and how much space it might occupy will provide you with a solid starting point for picking the right truck size.

Understand the basics about the truck sizes and their capacity

When you have to pick the right moving truck size, you have to understand what sizes are available to choose from. Most rental companies categorize their trucks based on the number of rooms they can fit. For instance, a small, 10-foot truck may be suitable for a studio or one-bedroom apartment. On the other hand, a large 20-foot truck could handle a three-bedroom house. However, these are just rough estimations, and the actual capacity might vary depending on how efficiently you pack. If this task seems daunting, you can consider consulting professionals such as DC apartment movers. Their expertise in handling moves of various sizes can provide you with valuable insights, ensuring you make the right choice for your specific needs.

Leave some room for last-minute additions

Planning is a critical part of a successful move, but unexpected factors can still crop up. While you might have calculated the space required for your furniture and boxes, don’t forget about those last-minute items or additional belongings stored away in your garage or attic. Always plan for more space than you think you’ll need to accommodate these unexpected additions. If you find yourself needing to move more than initially planned or requiring assistance with these extras, don’t hesitate to reach out to local professionals. There are various movers DC area can provide which can help you alleviate some of the load. In essence, it’s better to have some extra space in your truck than to realize too late that you don’t have enough.

a box with some last-minute things in it, which you must think of as well when you pick the right movig truck size
When assessing how much of your stuff you have to fit into the truck, factor in the last-minute additions you will surely have.

Read the rental company policy well

It’s not only your possessions’ size you need to think of when choosing the right moving truck. Each rental company has its unique specifications and policies that you need to read before making a decision. For example, some companies may offer a range of truck sizes, while others might specialize in specific sizes or types of moves. Additionally, consider any included services or additional offerings. It’s always beneficial to review the company’s guidelines thoroughly to avoid any last-minute surprises. If you’re based in the capital region and overwhelmed by the process, consulting professionals like furniture movers Washington DC is home to can be a game-changer. They are experienced in dealing with various rental companies and can guide you through whatever aspect of the move you need help with.

Practice safe loading and unloading practices

Once you’ve selected the right moving truck size, it’s important to load and unload your belongings safely and efficiently. To safeguard your possessions and make the most of the chosen moving truck size, have in mind the following:

  • Plan the loading ahead: Before loading the truck, strategize how you’ll arrange your items. Place the largest and heaviest pieces first, such as furniture and appliances, ensuring they are evenly distributed across the truck’s bed. This will help maintain balance and stability during transit.
  • Use moving equipment: Utilize furniture dollies, hand trucks, and moving straps to move heavy items with ease, reducing the risk of injuries and damages.
  • Wrap and protect: Safeguard your furniture and delicate items with adequate padding and wrapping. Blankets, bubble packs, and stretch wraps can provide a protective layer, preventing scratches and breakages.
  • Utilize vertical space: Optimize the truck’s space by packing vertically. Stand sofas and mattresses on their ends to create more room for other items. But secure them adequately to prevent shifting.
  • Secure the load: Prevent your belongings from shifting during transit by using tie-downs, bungee cords, or ratchet straps. Strapping items to the truck’s anchor points will keep them in place and reduce the risk of damage.
  • Be cautious while unloading: When unloading, take your time to make the process safe and efficient. Have someone guide you from outside the truck to avoid collisions with low-hanging branches or other obstacles.

With these safe loading and unloading practices you can maximize the available space in the moving truck while safeguarding your possessions throughout the journey.

A woman pushing a moving dolly.
Should you choose to do unloading yourself, get some of the moving equipment as well.

Ask the pros for advice if this seems too confusing

Sometimes, it’s best to seek professional advice when making big decisions that involve areas you are not versed at. While it may seem straightforward, many factors come into play, including the type and quantity of your belongings, ease of loading, and the distance of your move. If you’re finding it challenging to make a decision, consider hiring expert help. For example, you may find it the most comfortable to hire movers DC residents trust and let them make all the confusing decisions for you. Professional movers do that all the time and can be of tremendous help. They can assess your needs and suggest the most suitable truck size, ensuring a smoother and more efficient moving process. Overall, whatever type of relocation troubles you, these pros will make sure your mind is at ease and your belongings arrive where they should.


a professional mover loading in cardboard boxes
Instead of having to pick the right moving truck by yourself, you can ask the pros to help you with that and everything else.

Pick the right moving truck size and simplify your move!

It is important to pick the right moving truck size for the moving process to go smoothly. Knowing what you need and what’s available to you can make this relocation a breeze. Remember, preparation is key. The right choice can simplify your move, reduce stress, and ensure that your belongings arrive safely at their new home. So next time you prepare for a move, keep these tips in mind and make the right choice.

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