How to recognize a fake moving review


    Hiring a moving service online comes with the added difficulty of not seeing the product itself before getting it. With that in mind, most of us will head on towards the review tab and do our best to decipher the quality of the product based on a written word of a stranger. Here at A2B Moving and Storage DC, we offer you our professional advice on how to recognize a fake moving review. 

    Top tips that will help you recognize a fake moving review

    Making a wrong choice is something no one wants to do. Choosing the right moving company not only makes your move easier but also saves you money. To help you do that, Northern Virginia movers have prepared some simple tricks on how to spot a fake review:

    • Look for poor grammar 
    • Try to notice extreme emotions displayed within the review 
    • Check the dates when trying to recognize a fake moving review
    • Look for patterns in less positive reviews 
    A woman sits on her bed watching online reviews.
    It’s important to keep some things in mind when looking at online moving reviews.

    Poorly written reviews 

    Poor grammar in written reviews could be a clear sign of a fake review. When someone writes a review, it’s usually an average person. Inevitably, they will make a grammar error or two. But, if the review in question is riddled with grammar errors it could be coming from a bot. On the other hand, if you see an overly professional review with a clear-cut statement resembling a press release such as “This company embodied my needs throughout the moving process perfectly displacing the chores that such tasks demand”, ring the “fake” bell. 

    Checking the dates

    This might be the simplest thing to do. Check if the users uploaded their reviews on the same date. That is a clear sign to avoid the company and just go next. Spotting a fake moving review by using this method is not always reliable thorough. As long-distance moving companies Northern VA point out, most moves are done either at the beginning or the end of the month, so keep that in mind.

    Extreme emotions showed within the review

    Whenever you see someone give a 100% negative or positive review it’s most likely not a genuine one. An extremely positive review will most likely have come from either a paid writer or someone who was given the incentive to write a review for the product. 

    However, a completely negative review could be trying to damage the company’s reputation due to a negative experience. A real negative review will have specific issues with the service listed and will not be the only review with those issues. 

    A mover doing an inventory, will help you recognize a moving review.
    It’s important that you can recognize a fake moving review when looking for reliable movers.


    Hopefully, our tips on how to recognize a fake moving review will help you find a perfect moving company for your needs. If you have any further questions, feel free to give local movers Northern VA a call. Our professional movers will work hard to make your relocation a thrilling experience.

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