How to relocate your entire household in a week


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Moving is one of the most stressful events in life, and when you only have a week to do so the stress increases. However, when everything is finished, your new home will be amazing. You will have the opportunity to arrange your new home as you wish. To relocate your entire household in a short time-space, it is advisable to hire movers DC area, which will certainly be of great help.

How to pack a family to relocate household without any hassle

It is not easy and good organization is very important. Make a plan, not only what to pack, but also in what order. A good list is half the battle. And be sure to store all the material you need for packaging. These are bags, boxes, duct tape, and bubble wrap for things you want to protect better.

Where to start when you need to relocate your entire household

It is best to start with things that you will certainly not use during this period:

  • Decorations
  • Souvenirs
  • Books
  • Clothes that are out of season
  • Dishes that you use less often
  • Toys that children play with less often…

When you are relocating your entire household gather everything in one place to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. And of course, don’t forget to prepare adequate packaging to protect sensitive and fragile items.

Help is always welcome when relocating your entire household

It is always better to rely on someone when you are in such a big job. For some, it is enough to hire friends who will certainly always help, while others are more in favor of hiring professionals. If you need to hire movers DC, we are the company for you. You will see for yourself that it is easy when you have good help.

friends going though the moving chack list - relocate your entire household
Going through your checklist together is easier

Throw away all the excess

If you want to save time and space, throwing away excess stuff is certainly of great importance. Don’t forget that excess stuff causes you problems during packing and later. That is why this is a unique opportunity to give up everything that makes your life complicated. First of all, take one box or bag and throw away things that you no longer want. An even better idea would be to sell them on eBay

Mark the boxes

Since you are packing everything quickly, it will be very difficult for you to stick to a schedule, no matter how hard you try. Here, residential movers Washington have a very useful solution. They suggest that you mark them in detail. Write down what is in them and from which room the things are and where to unpack them. It is also understood that you should take care of whether you have fragile items in them and how to pack and carry them. All this will enable you and your assistants to pack the boxes safely.

Girl marking boxes - relocate your entire household
Label all the boxes – it is very important for moving your household

Hire a professional cleaner

As you are already in a big hurry, get help wherever you can. One of the things you don’t have to do in person and it can take a lot of time is cleaning. Hire a cleaning agency because you will be able to save both time and money. Finally, remember that you have only 7 days so get all the external help you can.

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