Places in Virginia to spend your golden years in peace


    After a long time of working and stress, it is time to retire. They call it the golden years for a reason. You can finally relax and enjoy the beauty of life. If you find the right place for you to move to, it will be even better. Virginia can be a good place if you plan to spend time outside. The beautiful landscape of Virginia offers great opportunities for outdoor recreation. For your upcoming move, we recommend hiring A2B Moving and Storage. In this article, we narrowed this state down to the best places in Virginia to spend your golden years.

    How did we determine the most senior-friendly places?

    The main reason to move to Virginia with the help of some movers Sterling VA is the fact that it is tax-friendly for retirees. This state doesn’t tax Social Security Benefits. While the whole state is generally good for retired people, some places are better than others. We determined the best ones using the:

    • Ease of getting healthcare services
    • Number of senior-focused activity centers
    • General tax burden
    Man running next to a body of water
    Virginia in general is a senior friendly place

    Fairfax County

    In this place, you can take full advantage of the great outdoors that Virginia has to offer after moving with some movers Ashburn VA. This part is home to numerous national parks, like the Great Falls National Park. Nature isn’t the only thing that Fairfax has to offer, there are also plenty of shopping centers around. You can see how retiree-friendly this place is by the fact that 13% of the population is over 65 years of age.


    Williamsburg is one of the best places in Virginia to spend your golden years if you want to stay healthy. The medical services here are highly rated and affordable, because of the taxes. If you also want to move for an affordable price, we recommend hiring some movers Alexandria VA. If you open a health savings account, you can put the state tax benefits to good use. The government won’t tax your earnings if you use them for health services, and there are plenty of options for this in Williamsburg. Using the various exercise opportunities in this city can also help you stay healthy.


    This town is home to an amazing number of 52 colleges and universities. In case you want to continue your education or are generally interested in arts, you should contact some movers Falls Church VA to relocate here. Apart from education, these institutions also offer cultural events. And like most places in Virginia, also here you can enjoy nature and be active. Vienna also has a good connection to D.C. so rest assured that you won’t get bored.

    Senior talking to a young woman about the best places in Virginia to spend your golden years
    In Vienna, you can continue your education

    Conclusion on the best places in Virginia to spend your golden years

    Moving is never easy, but doing it after retirement can be even more tiring. Undertaking a senior move should be done only if you are certain that you picked one of the best places in Virginia to spend your golden years. This way you won’t regret your decision and you will be able to fully enjoy it.

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