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    You’ve been using your storage unit for a while and it’s become completely chaotic? Don’t worry, you’re not the only person with this kind of issue. A lot of us are really tidy at the beginning of renting a storage unit, but as time passes we just keep adding things anywhere we find room. It is a good temporary solution. But, for a tidy storage unit where you can always find what you’re looking for, it is not an option. That’s why we at A2B Moving and Storage have prepared a few tips on how to reorganize your VA storage and keep it that way! Let’s get into it.

    Storage units

    Create an inventory list if you don’t have one already

    If you were thinking in advance, which a lot of us don’t do, admittedly, you might already have an inventory list. An inventory list makes your job to reorganize your VA storage all the easier. And if you haven’t made an inventory list yet, reorganizing your storage unit will provide the perfect moment to do just that. An inventory list will not only make it easier to categorize things in your storage unit, but you will always know what exactly is in your storage unit. Your movers Virginia always suggest creating an inventory list.

    If you’re not lazy and want to go the extra mile, you can write down descriptions of each item. What does it mean if you write down in your inventory that you have 2 shirts in your storage unit for example? If you describe the two shirts when writing it down you will know exactly which 2 shirts are there. We understand that what we are suggesting is a tedious and boring thing to do. But it will pay off in the long run.

    Use clear containers instead of cardboard boxes

    If your items are stored in cardboard boxes, chances are you have no idea where which item is. That’s why opting for clear boxes or containers is the perfect solution. And not only that but clear containers are usually sealed very tightly so that no air or dust can enter or exit them. Your self-storage Alexandria VA will benefit from having clear containers. When you start removing the old boxes and looking through your items, plan them out in some way or order to place them into clear containers.

    The best way to go about reorganizing is to remove everything from your storage unit and go through it all. Usually, you can find some things you don’t even need anymore, so you can declutter and purge. Get rid of everything you don’t need. Old clothes you aren’t sure you’re going to wear again? Get rid of them. Old pool tools and inflatables that are slowly deteriorating? Get rid of them. This will provide you with more room and a fresh start!

    Cardboard boxes
    Cardboard boxes are the old and trusted way to go. But clear containers are the future.

    Storing furniture?

    If you need to store some furniture, for the time being, you should consider disassembling it. Placing it in dustbags or plastic bags is the best way to go about preserving it. And remember to keep most of the items upright to make more room for the rest of your items! If you want to get rid of some furniture that you’ve been storing for a while, the best way to go about it is by selling it. You can put up an ad on Craigslists, or Facebook Marketplace. If you don’t feel like putting in the extra effort to sell it, just donate it to those less fortunate. It will feel amazing.

    Your local movers Northern VA can help you pack up your furniture before the move, and you can just keep it like that in the storage unit. This will save you time and effort, so maybe that is even the best option. Always work smarter, not harder.

    Placement in the storage unit

    When you reorganize your VA storage, keep in mind that you need to decide on the placement of your items in the storage unit. Whatever you don’t need urgently, you should place in the back of the storage unit. This includes for example bulkier furniture that doesn’t fit into your new apartment. You know you won’t need it for a long while, and to the back, it goes. Seasonal decorations, clothes, or items should be kept in the front. Some summer items you might need such as a beach ball or floatie should be kept somewhere you can easily access them.

    Your movers Alexandria VA can help you transport all the items you need to your storage unit. During the moving process, just be aware of what is staying in the apartment with you, and which items are going into storage. And it will be no problem to just make one additional stop after your new home to your storage unit.

    Storage units
    Remember to keep what you will need soon within arm’s length in your storage unit.

    Label properly

    Even if you opted for clear containers, labeling is your friend. Simple labels such as “kitchen utensils” for example are perfect to use. It doesn’t have to be in alphabetical order or have any order at all. Also, it doesn’t have to be detailed. The shorter the better, just that you know what is in which box. Be sure to not over-stuff the boxes as well. Just do everything in moderation and stay as organized as you can. Remember, whatever you do now when reorganizing your VA storage is a favor to yourself in the future.

    As one of the best moving companies Sterling VA, we hope our tips and tricks on how to optimize when you reorganize your VA storage have proved to be useful. There are really no rules set in stone, just do whatever feels right and try to remember where you place what! Good luck and have fun.

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