Moving from Arlington to Sterling VA alone – simple guide


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Before you decide to move to a new place, what makes you choose that one in particular? For some, it is because of economic stability. For the others, it can be about career flexibility. Or maybe you are thinking about moving to lower your living cost. No matter what your reasons are, it is important to do it properly. So, in this article, we will focus on organizing and moving from Arlington to Sterling VA alone. For some of the tasks, however, we will advise getting moving help from A2B Moving and Storage. So, hopefully, after you read this article, you will be prepared and eager to begin your moving journey.

Why moving from Arlington to Sterling VA alone is a good choice?

Sure, maybe Sterling isn’t the most famous city in the US. However, that doesn’t mean that this city doesn’t offer a comfortable life for its residents. So, if you plan on moving from Arlington to Sterling VA alone, you will make a great decision. Along the way, you will need to think about hiring help from movers Arlington VA. They will greatly save your time while you are preparing for your relocation to Sterling. As for living opportunities in Arlington VA, you can relax and be calm. Because the whole area where Sterling is located is booming. And that includes the neighboring Herndon and Reston. So, let’s break it down and take a look at what else you can expect when moving from Arlington to Sterling.

Moving from Arlington to Sterling offers a lot of job opportunities

As we already mentioned, Sterling welcomes you, whether you are moving there for a job or permanently. If you plan on moving to Sterling VA alone for a job, you can expect a lot. Because there are plenty of job posts in the service industries. Also, you can work in different kinds of companies if you move from Arlington to Sterling VA alone. In fact, moving to Sterling can be very beneficial for your career as hard work and dedication are appreciated. Also, if you have a business idea, Sterling VA is a good place for investing. So, you can relocate your office, with a little help from residential movers VA.

A woman sitting in an office and smiling
If you are moving from Arlington to Sterling VA for a job opportunity, you won’t make a mistake.

Good connection with other towns

Sterling VA is located in Loudoun County and it has an excellent location. That is one of many reasons why you should think about moving from Arlington to Sterling VA. Of course, a little help from movers Sterling VA will help a lot. If you want to go to Washington, you should know that it’s just around 35 minutes by car. Also, if you are looking for a job in the capital, you won’t have to spend too much time commuting and traveling. In fact, this fact is one of the main reasons why people often move from Arlington to Sterling. Other nearby towns worth mentioning are Silver Spring and Alexandria. If you move to Sterling, you will be able to save a lot of money on housing. That’s because Sterling is known for having lower prices for renting than Alexandria or Silver Spring.

Moving to Sterling offers a good median income

As some estimations say, the median income in the Loudoun Country is around $125,000. This puts Sterling on the top of the list as the wealthiest US county. Also, many businesses and branch offices of some major companies bring good job perspectives to the residents. Many of these firms employ more than 1000 workers and therefore, it is clear that Sterling has a bright corporate future ahead.

You can expect cheaper housing if moving from Arlington to Sterling VA alone

Not only you’ll have the opportunity to quickly find a job, but you won’t have to spend much of your income on rent. Moreover, in recent years, a lot of new apartments and condos were built. And this will provide comfort for all the people planning on moving to Sterling VA.

Sterling VA is a family-friendly town

It is true that the industry in Sterling is booming, but Sterling remains a more family-oriented city. You can find many local gathering places, with many different shops. Also, you can take your family for a nice meal in some of the finest restaurants in Sterling VA. They offer a lot of diversity and your whole family will be able to enjoy different cuisines and meals.

Child, mother and father holding by hands
Your family will enjoy living in Sterling VA.

As your children’s education, moving from Arlington to Sterling is a great idea. It has twelve public elementary schools and three public middle schools. Also, there are three public high schools and most of all these schools are top-rated. Therefore, you can expect your child to receive a great education. Moreover, if they decide to stay in Sterling after graduating, Loudoun County has a variety of colleges and universities. There, students will obtain different skills and become successful in the career field.

More reasons to love Sterling VA

  • Weather in Sterling

If you’ve done some research, you probably know that the weather in Sterling is great. There, you can expect warm summer and cold winters with rain. That will allow your kids to enjoy snowy months.

  • Air quality

Nowadays more than ever, it is important to live in an environment that is healthy and unpolluted. That’s why it is an excellent choice to move to Sterling VA. Because one of the city’s advantages is that it has good air quality and very low pollution.

  • Beautiful nature

If you thought Sterling is just a business hub, well, you are wrong. Besides many restaurants, Sterling offers beautiful nature. Also, you can visit the Virginia winery that is located just a little bit outside the town of Sterling VA. Especially if you enjoy a glass of quality wine. Then, on the weekend, we suggest a visit to Sterling Park and Claude Moore Park. There, you can take a stroll, or have a picnic with your family and friends.

Picnic in a park
Organize a picnic for your family or friends and enjoy your time after moving to Sterling.

Now that you’ve read our simple guide for moving from Arlington to Sterling VA alone, you are all set. All you have to do is to relax and enjoy this new chapter of your new life in Sterling.


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