Storage unit features to look for when moving to Alexandria?


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Storage units come in different sizes and with various features. Climate controlled, with premium security, etc. From so many types of features, it is hard to rule out the ones that you need. This will most likely depend on the purpose that you are using the storage unit for. If you rent it while you are relocating, you probably won’t be using it for a long time, therefore you won’t need any fancy features. But if you are putting valuables into storage you should opt for a unit that offers high-end facilities. That can be found with A2B Moving and Storage. Even with so many available options, you shouldn’t just get all of them. This guide will show you which storage unit features to look for when moving to Alexandria.

Magazines put into storage
Pick storage unit facilities according to your needs

Premium security should be one of the main storage units features to look for when moving to Alexandria

Whether you are storing important documents or items of sentimental value, the security of your items should be your top priority. And so should it be for one the self storage Alexandria VA that you hired. Reputable companies care about their customer’s items like if they were their own. Storage unit features to look for when moving to Alexandria should be most of the following:

  • Intruder alarms
  • Video surveillance
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting
  • Individual unit doors and locks

Available customer access 24/7

This feature is often overlooked as something that is not important. After one of the movers Alexandria VA brings the things into storage, you will for sure have some questions. The employees should be available to answer your question, even after working hours. This is now easier thanks to online chats.

Pest and dust-free

Does your home or office have pests and dust? No, and neither should your storage unit. If you invested money into moving your items with some movers Virginia, then you should pay attention to this, to avoid damage. Before signing the agreement, make sure that the storage facilities don’t have any pests, dust, rust, clutter, or dirt. This can be the indicator of bigger underlying problems, so make sure to pick a storage provider that takes care of their units.

Figure of a man cleaning
Make sure the storage unit you rent is pest and dust free

Scalable and flexible unit size

Your service provider should be able to provide you with the storage unit that suits your needs. Same like all of the moving companies Sterling VA will do anything in their power to satisfy their customers. Flexible unit sizes mean that you can shift from smaller to larger or vice versa if you need it. This way you won’t be paying for additional space without actually needing it. Scalable units mean that customers can pick the exact size they need and nothing more.

Essential equipment

Another feature to look for is the availability of essential equipment. You should also pay attention to the staff’s engagement when it comes to helping you use this equipment. Any professionals, like all of the long distance moving companies Northern VA, will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible. Some of these items include:

  • Loading bays
  • Common areas
  • Carts and trolleys
  • Ladders
  • Large doors for access

Storage unit features to look for when moving to Alexandria – conclusion

Finding the right storage unit for you can be difficult, especially if you are renting one for the first time. The ones we listed are some major storage unit features to look for when moving to Alexandria. But depending on your needs, you might need something else also. Make sure to do your research before signing a contract.

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