The list of the most difficult items to relocate interstate


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Even with the best of planning, moving is always full of surprises. The physical and emotional toll of moving put aside, there are still so many things to take care of. There are certain issues you might come across, and one of them is the most difficult items to relocate. Apart from choosing your new home, saying goodbye to your old one, the drive from here to there – now you have large and heavy items that are difficult to move around. It comes as no surprise that many people decide to hire moving companies DC area to help them out. Once you see the most difficult items to relocate, you just might decide to hire movers as well!

Two movers carrying a couch

What makes the most difficult items to relocate so difficult?

When moving, often you will encounter items that are so specific that they need special care. A lot of long-distance movers Washington DC offer so-called specialized services. These services are specifically crafted for items that are hard to transport. This can mean either that they are bulky, heavy, oddly shaped, fragile, etc.

Even though you can transport these items personally, there is a risk involved. On one hand, you can do the research, get the equipment the item needs, and conduct a successful relocation. But, on the other hand, you could end up damaging something you care about a lot. Doing everything by yourself is always an option, but for any prized possessions, or expensive items, it’s best to consult the professionals.

Fish tanks

Fish tanks are huge and extremely heavy. And if that wasn’t bad enough, moving is very stressful for fish and they could end up stressing themselves to death. Despite all this, with proper planning, you can conduct the perfect relocation of your aquarium and ensure the safety of your fishies.

First off, before you leave your old home, empty the fish tank almost completely, but leave a bit of water on the bottom. This way the bacteria that was in the water will stay there even after you refill it. This step is crucial to ensure the survival of your fish. Fish don’t like and can’t handle drastic environmental changes! Now, as far as the fish go, you should transport them in plastic baggies with the water from the tank. They stay in their previous environment and they can have a safe trip. Keep your fish in your car with you and try to balance them so they don’t splish splash around. That can be stressful for them!

Now, the aquarium. You need to wrap it up securely in plastic to prevent any leakage. It is advisable to ask your interstate movers DC for help since it can be pretty heavy. Your professional movers will know exactly how to lift heavy objects without getting hurt.

An angelfish in an aquarium
Take really good care of your fish so they can survive the trip!


Pianos are huge, weigh a ton, and are very awkwardly shaped. It’s fairly difficult to transport them out of the house without damaging the walls and floors. A piano is enormous on the outside and has a million smaller parts on the inside. So, it truly is a hassle to carry around. This is where specialized piano moving services come into play. If you want to keep your piano and the home you’re moving out of safe, you should consider hiring professionals. You can even do it yourself, but we think that the risk outweighs the reward.

If you were to damage your piano, it can be very expensive to fix up. So, just leave the planning and heavy lifting to the professionals and take a step back. They know what they are doing and they will relocate your piano in record time.


Next on our list of the most difficult items to relocate is artwork. It is valuable, fragile, and most important of all, irreplaceable. Some artwork is framed and easier to pack securely. But, some artwork, especially sculptures or installations, is quite a hassle to pack and move. They are intricate, very heavy, or both. And the trick here is to just be very careful and you will transport it successfully.

When it comes to framed paintings, you can secure them by taping protective cardboard edges to the piece. These edges are a tool that makes the artwork fit perfectly into its designated box and it won’t move around at all. Additional padding in the box will also help immensely to keep paintings safe. If your painting is not only framed but has a glass barrier, you should put an X on the glass with packing tape. This will keep the glass from breaking! Be sure to label these boxes so you know to pay extra attention while moving them around. You can even write “FRAGILE” on them to notify your movers to be extra careful. 

Now, when it comes to sculptures or installations, you will need very big boxes and a lot of cushioning. Place your item into the box and be sure to fit packing paper or bubble wrap in all the empty spaces. This way your artwork won’t move at all and will arrive safe and sound at your new home.

Framed paitings on the wall
Pack really tightly and securely to ensure the safety of your artwork.

House plants

House plants might not be on your mind as some of the most difficult items to relocate, but they truly are. As with the fish, plants are living things and they can experience stress when being moved around. If you take care of a lot of plants, you know that some of them can die even when you place them in a different part of the house, let alone move them thousands of miles. The back of a moving truck is not climate-controlled and this could also cause them to wilt if they experience extreme temperatures and is not how you move house plants. Especially during an interstate relocation! Also, be sure to transport them in your vehicle at the right temperature.

Now that you know how to handle the most difficult items to relocate, you can get started on your relocation!

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