The most efficient ways to pack and move hanging clothes for your DC move


    When you’re in the middle of our moving process, the last thing you’d want is complications. That’s why during the packing phase of your move, you might want to put in some additional effort. All the effort you put in while packing is the reward you reap when unpacking. Think of your future self who will be stuck with the unpacking! Most likely, you’d want the unpacking to be the easiest step, seeing how it’s the final in a moving process. As one of the best moving companies DC area, we’d like to go over some of the most efficient ways to pack and move hanging clothes for your DC move.

    Moving boxes
    Pack your clothes systematically

    Taking extra care of your hanging clothes before moving can save you a lot of trouble after the move. You don’t want crumpled-up clothes and hours’ worth of ironing to be waiting for you once you enter your new apartment. So, it’s time to act now! Let’s go over some of the best ways to preserve your hanging clothes in their pristine condition.

    Declutter before you pack and move hanging clothes for your DC move!

    The first step to any packing process will always be decluttering in order to pack and move hanging clothes for your DC move. You need to set aside the time to purge your closet. This will give you insight into all of the clothing items you have and which of them need to stay hanging. When you determine what you need and what you don’t need, we recommend donating your old clothes. First, ask your friends and family if they’d like any of your clothes, because who knows? Maybe something you were ready to throw out is exactly something your friend has been searching to buy. And donate the rest of the clothes to a homeless shelter or a women’s shelter. They will be incredibly grateful and you won’t add to global waste by just throwing out your clothes.

    When you’ve purged your closet, we recommend tidying it up. Place all of your clothes on hangers, or fold them up and place them back into the closet. Now everything is prepared for when you need to pack it up into boxes. Also, we recommend washing all of your clothes before moving, just so you won’t have to do it after the move. Saving yourself the future trouble is worth it. If your local movers DC are offering packing services, be sure to check that out as well. Professionals tend to take care of such matters quicker.

    Woman listening to music in clutter
    Decluttering will make everything easier for you.

    Separate the clothes you will need immediately upon arrival at your new home

    Before you actually start packing and protecting your clothing, you need to decide what are pieces you will need for the few days when you first arrive at your location. These garments you should pack into a suitcase and have them ready for immediate use. This would usually include a pajama, daily clothes, nightclothes if you’re going out, and all kinds of sanitary products. Also, unrelated, but it might be a good idea to pack some food as well into that suitcase. Just so you can sit back and relax as soon as you move. Unpacking and decorating your home can wait a few days when you’re so tired.

    Your moving services DC might offer an even better deal when it comes to moving your items. There is a chance they’ve got the right devices to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your clothes. Just don’t be afraid to always ask and hear them out. A lot of professional movers will accommodate your specific needs because they know just how stressful the moving process is.

    Remove the seasonal clothes

    You want to pack and move hanging clothes for your DC move and keep them in their original form. But some of the clothes that don’t need this special treatment are last season’s clothes you won’t be using. You can wash them, fold them carefully and pack them away into boxes. This way you can start packing in advance and have more room for the clothes you really need to preserve in your move. Also, there is a huge benefit of having your seasonal clothes all packed up neatly and waiting for their next turn. No more cluttering your home and closet!

    Two girls in Christmas clothes holding big bows
    Now that Christmas has passed, it’s time to pack away your festive clothing.

    Now, how to pack and move hanging clothes for your DC move?

    First off, you need to make sure you have enough clothes’ hangers. Luckily for you, here Ikea can come in clutch and help you out to acquire them for cheap. Now the next step is to have the correct bags for your clothes. Dust bags are preferred, of course, but any kind of high-quality plastic bag is a good option too. Be careful when placing your hanging clothes into the bags so as to not wrinkle them. As for the actual transportation. If you’re able to just stack your clothes with the hangers and the bags into the back of your car, or your trunk, you’re all set.

    Another option is to buy a few clothing racks or use the ones you already have, and ask the movers to move them. The clothes need to be protected inside the bags, and the racks need to be secured inside the moving van. This will take a little coordination on your part and on the part of your long-distance movers DC. But with trained professionals, this will pose no issue. You’ll see just how accommodating your movers can be when it comes to your specific wishes. It’s a reflection of the quality of their service.

    Now that you’ve learned how to pack and move hanging clothes for your DC move, we wish you a safe and quick moving process!

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