Things most people forget to pack for their DC move


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Relocation is a process that takes time. From finding moving companies DC area to unpacking many things, everything needs to be planned and organized. In all that chaos it is not unusual to forget about the essentials that we need to bring with us. For that reason, we have created a list of things most people forget to pack for their DC move.

Important documents

Important documents are the first thing that people commonly forget to pack for their relocation. Gather all of your essential paperwork and place them in one folder. If you have decided to hire movers DC do not hand them these documents since it is crucial to have them with you on your moving day. Also, if there is any delay in the delivery of your belongings you will not have to worry in case you need any of your important documents.

Medications are one of the things most people forget to pack for their DC move

Another commonly forgotten thing to be packed when moving are medications. Make sure to check all of your cabinets and closets. It is important to pack them especially if you are using medications that need a prescription since it will be difficult to buy them right after the move. Also, if you are using long-distance movers DC and you know that your travel time will be longer, make sure to pack medications for nausea and pain.

Picture of medications
Medications are one of the things most people forget to pack for their DC move

Valuable items

Even though it sounds impossible people tend to forget about their valuable items. Certainly, you will pack all the items that are in your sight but don’t forget to go through hidden places. It is natural to keep extra cash or valuable jewelry in safes or well-protected places. For that reason, check all the secret places that you might have and make sure that no valuable items are left behind.

Clothes left at dry cleaners

Whatever moving services DC you have decided to use it is important to have all of your belongings ready to ship. Usually, things that are not visible are easy to forget. Especially when you are in your moving process and there are other things that you will need to take care of. Having said that, make sure to collect all the items that you have left at dry cleaners on time. If you leave that for the last moment there is a big chance that you might forget to pack them for your DC move.

Belongings from the storage

Apart from clothes left at dry cleaners and valuable belongings, more items are not in visible places. While you are packing for your DC move don’t forget to go through all the storage spaces that you have in your home. Those storage spaces include:

  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Walk-in closets

Check all the belongings that you may keep here and make sure that you don’t leave them behind.


For most people, it is likely to forget to pack items that are used until the moving day. You will certainly be using stuff like shampoo, shower gel, toothbrushes, and other toiletries until the last minute. It may happen that you will be overwhelmed on your moving day, so make sure to put these items on your checklist. You don’t want to arrive at your new home and not have the most essential things that you will need after the long day.

Dispenser pump and wash sponge on the picture as one of the things most people forget to pack for their DC move
Don’t forget to pack your toiletries as you will need them after the long moving day

Things most people forget to pack for their DC move are chargers

Even if you are using local movers DC to relocate you just across the town, you will still need your electronics to inform the loved ones that you have reached your destination. Avoid leaving your chargers plugged into outlets. As soon as you are done using them, pack them together with corresponding electronics. For example, to avoid the moment of having an empty battery on your laptop, pack the charger in the laptop bag.

Kitchen essentials

Something that most people don’t think about when preparing for relocation is packing kitchen essentials. While packing your kitchen make sure to separate some of the items that you might need. Since all of your belongings will be packed into boxes it will be difficult for you to get your kitchen supplies. To have dissent first meal in your new home make sure to pack separately kitchen essentials that you will need for the first couple of days. 

Household tools

Household tools are another thing that you shouldn’t forget to pack for your DC move. Once you get your furniture delivered it is likely that you will need stuff like a hammer and screwdrivers to assemble your furniture. Also, you will need these tools to set up your home and hang paintings on the walls. This is important because you will want to have the feeling that you are at home as soon as you move into your new place.

Cleaning supplies are one of the things most people forget to pack for their DC move

Lastly, something that most people forget to pack are cleaning supplies. Sometimes people leave cleaning supplies behind intentionally as they add on weight to the shipment. However, it is important to have them on your first day in your new home, since you never know what will need to be cleaned. Also, you will save some money by not buying new supplies for cleaning.

Five bottles of cleaning supplies in spray
Don’t forget to pack cleaning supplies as you will probably need them the first day of your arrival at your new home

There are indeed many things to be organized and packed for your DC relocation. For that reason make a checklist of all the items that you think that you might forget to pack. This way you will avoid leaving behind things most people forget to pack for their DC move.

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