Things you should unpack last after moving into your new home in DC


    A relocation is an event that requires a lot of planning and organizing. There are many things that need to be done in order to have a successful moving day. However, there is no reason for you to be alone in this process. Settle for one of the best moving companies DC area has and enjoy a stress-free moving experience. But once you move to a new house relocation is not over. There are still things that need to be done and organized. Unpacking is one of them. To have an organized post-move experience it is important to know what needs to be unpacked first and what can be left for the end. Here you can read what are the things you should unpack last after moving into your new home in DC.

    To settle into your new home it is important to know how to unpack properly. This way your items will be organized and ready to use. Make sure to place labeled moving boxes into the right rooms and don’t start unpacking everything at once as you will create a mess in the house. Make a list of rooms and order how will you unpack them. This way your belongings will not be everywhere and your home will be organized.

    Things you shouldn’t unpack last

    Before you decide what will you unpack at the end it is also important to know what rooms are crucial to unpack first. When you are moving across the town it is easier to unpack since you can leave your belongings in the storage or at your friend’s house. That way your home will not be filled with boxes. However, if you are using long-distance movers DC it is certain that you will have plenty of boxes in your new home that need to be organized.

    Skin care products in the bathroom
    The bathroom should be one of the first rooms to unpack after moving

    One of the first rooms that you should unpack is the bathroom. The reason for that is the bathroom is the space that needs to be functional during the whole day. Imagine that you don’t have soap after a long day of unpacking. Make sure that your essential room is ready first. Also, the bedroom is a room that you should consider unpacking among the first ones. After a long process of moving you will need a place to take a good rest.

    Things you should unpack last after moving into your new home in DC

    Whether you are relocating long distances or using local movers DC there are rooms that you can unpack last after moving into a new house in DC. This is because they are not essential for everyday life activities and even if you unpack them after a month you will be able to function properly in your house.

    Attic and basement

    The attic and basement are some of the rooms that you can consider unpacking last after moving into your new home in DC. As in those two rooms you probably keep items that you are not using frequently, there is no reason to rush with the unpacking. Focus on the rooms and items that you will need to use the first couple of days after moving in.

    One of the things you should unpack last after moving into your new home in DC is a garage

    Another room that you should consider unpacking last is your garage. It is well-known that we use the garage as storage. Probably in there, you are keeping items such as Halloween decorations, items from your childhood, etc. All those belongings can wait to be unpacked. Also, even if you leave them in labeled boxes shouldn’t be a problem. This way you will keep your garage well organized and neat. 

    Garden and patio

    Furniture for your garden and patio can be the last thing that you will unpack. Especially if it’s not the summer season. Consider leaving your garden and patio belongings packed to stay protected during the cold weather. Even if it is the summer season, leave these items for the end as your indoor furniture is something that you will need more during the first days in your new home.

    Patio furniture as one of the things you ahould unpack last after moving into your new home in DC
    Don’t rush with unpacking patio furniture

    What about the home office?

    If you are using your home as an office it is also important to know when to unpack it. Once your office movers DC relocate your business whether you will unpack it first or last depends only on you. If you have to start working straight away consider unpacking your office room first. This way you will be fully ready for a new day at work.

    On the other hand, if you have a couple of days off from your work because of your relocation, your office can also be one of the last rooms that you will unpack. This way you will have time to focus on decorating your new home and settling in. Also, you will take some break from work and enjoy your new neighborhood in DC. Still, don’t wait until the last moment. Unpack your office at least a day before you start working.

    Tips for unpacking

    If you are using full moving services DC for your relocation you will not have to worry about the steps of the unpacking. However, if you are doing it on your own, apart from knowing what to unpack first it is important to know how to unpack:

    • Make an unpacking plan
    • Unpack one room at the time
    • Declutter as you unpack
    • Get rid of the moving boxes after you unpack them
    Family unpacking moving box
    Make sure to unpack one room at the time

    Just like preparing for relocation, unpacking is a time-consuming process. Still, it is important to organize your home after a move properly as you will be able to start your new chapter faster. For that reason don’t unpack everything at the same time. Know what should be first and what things you should unpack last after moving into your new home in DC.

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