Tips for packing bath products


    No matter how organized you keep your bathroom, the list of toiletries you have is probably long. Toiletries pile up easily, and somehow it is difficult to get rid of them. After some time, you will find yourself with items that are expired or almost empty, but you still keep them. Hopefully, that won’t happen before moving with some moving companies DC area. Whether you plan to let your movers pack for you, or you will do it for yourself, you should learn some things about packing bath products. Many people dread packing the bathroom, and for a good reason. So let’s see how to make it easier.

    What are some of the best tips for packing bath products?

    Bath products tend to pile up even with the tidiest people. The best thing you can do to save both money and time before you hire movers DC is to get rid of as many unwanted toiletries as possible. It will be more expensive to transport almost finished products than to buy new ones when you move in. When packing bath products, you need to:

    • Sort the items
    • Use different packing methods for different items
    • Seal and label the box
    Person packing bath products in bubble wrap
    Get rid of as many toiletries as possible

    Sort items

    Toiletries come in different shapes, sizes, and consistencies. The bathroom items are difficult to pack mostly for this reason. In everybody’s bathroom, you can find liquids like shampoos, powders, cotton swabs, pads, and even small appliances. Many people also keep their medicines in their bathroom, which only makes it logical to want to hire some moving companies Arlington VA to do it for you. Sort every item into a category that it belongs to make the next step easier for you.

    Use the right packing method

    The packing method and supplies will vary depending on the type of item you are packing. Moving experts like some residential movers DC implement these tactics every day, and you can learn them as well. Dry products should be wrapped in packing paper and put in a separate box. You could add an extra layer of security by placing each item in a separate zip-lock bag, but it is not necessary. The liquids are most demanding to pack. Since liquids can easily leak and make a mess, you need to take extra precautions. Placing a piece of plastic wrap under the lid and sealing it will work like a charm against leaks. Just to be sure, you can also place each bath product into a separate bag. As far as appliances go, just don’t put them in the same box as any liquids. Electronics and liquids never work well together.

    Seal and label the boxes

    Since liquids can easily spill, the bottles always need to be put upright. If you want to keep them from falling over, you also need to either pack them tightly or fill the empty spaces with crumbled-up paper or bubble wrap. Labels are also very important because many cosmetics and bath products are packed in glass bottles.

    Picture of a labeled box
    Labels are very important for fragile items

    Conclusion on packing bath products

    When packing bath products, you need to dedicate quite a lot of time to it. Every bottle needs to be attended to separately and that’s why it is always advised to either throw away, sell or donate any items that are not irreplaceable, expensive, or difficult to find. When it comes to medication that’s expired or is not needed anymore, make sure to dispose of them the right way. We wish you plenty of motivation and a fun time packing!

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