Tips for relocating your entire household on short notice


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Oh, you’re moving! You must be feeling overwhelmed. You can’t even decide whether you should be panicking, excited, packing, or tying up loose ends! Relocating your entire household on short notice is a challenge like no other. You will likely have to take a few days off and just focus on your moving process. But, if you follow our tips and tricks, you might just prepare your home faster than you thought you could. A huge venture is awaiting you. But, A2B Moving and Storage DC are here to help out. There will be a bunch of organizing, packing, and unpacking, but in the long run, it will be worth it.

A home

Create the perfect plan

Moving is generally a very stressful experience. It can be hard to make it less stressful, so we do recommend just accepting the stress as a part of the process. Moving on short notice, though, truly allows for you to feel the stress. The biggest thing you can do in this time is to just think of all the other stressful moments you’ve experienced. How often do you feel you’ve stressed too much for no reason? Probably pretty often. So, try and get rid of the stress. Next, you need to think up the perfect moving plan.

Be sure to involve your chosen movers Virginia to help you out. Relocating your entire household on short notice without the help of movers is a death sentence. There are a few things you need to take care of in advance though:

  • Purging – Purging your items means getting rid of everything that no longer serves you. Everyday items are supposed to bring ease to your life. They are meant to be used. So, if you notice that there are some items you don’t use regularly, we’d urge you to purge your home. A garage sale can be the perfect solution. Otherwise, you can donate, or even throw away certain items.
  • Consider enlisting your loved ones into the moving process – This might sound like an idea you don’t want to put into use. A lot of us are hesitant when asking for help. But, truly, when you’re asking people who love and understand you, there is no shame. Loved ones will enjoy the quality time they get to spend with you while packing or doing something else in your home.
  • Cancel utilities – The last thing you need before moving is some long overdue utility bills. Be sure to cancel them before moving.
A plan for one day
Plan out your packing and try to stick as close to the plan as possible!

Packing time!

Chances are you will need to start the packing process immediately. First off, you will need quite the array of moving equipment that will make your life easier. The most important thing when moving is to have boxes of various sizes to help you pack everything up. But, there are also additional packing materials you might need. You can even get these materials from your local movers Northern VA. So, we’ve prepared a handy list of items you might need for packing up your home:

  • Boxes of various sizes – If you have the luxury of measuring and planning in advance, be sure to do that. But, seeing how this relocation is a last-minute one, you most likely don’t have the time. Just get a good number of boxes of various sizes, and start packing!
  •  Packing tape – We recommend getting the more pricey one. Usually, cheap packing tapes don’t hold as well as more expensive ones. This is an instance where we recommend splurging.
  • Markers – You need to mark what is in each box!
  • Bubble wrap – For items that are fragile and breakable, you will need something to keep these items in one piece.

If you have the time to calculate how many boxes you need, this is the right solution. However many you need, be sure to get a few extra and make it worth your while. Hiring packing services, or a removal company could also be a good idea in this instance. You have barely enough time to think, let alone pack up your entire home.

Pack room by room

If you’re a DIY type, you might want to pack up by yourself. Not only will it save money, but you get to enjoy some quality time with your family while packing. To make the packing process easier on you and everyone involved, we recommend packing up room by room. You can start from the least used rooms all the way to the most used rooms. Usually, people start by packing up their storage space, or a guest bedroom that isn’t used often. When relocating your entire household on short notice, you need to use your time wisely.

Some of the best movers Alexandria VA can help you out in this process if you choose that route. Professionals have been packing up homes for years, and they know exactly what they are doing. So, if you’re extremely short on time, hiring someone to do your packing instead of you could be the perfect option.

A bunch of boxes in a room
Don’t forget to label your boxes! This will help with unpacking.

Create a moving essentials bag

The last thing you need to do is create a moving essentials bag. This bag, or even suitcase, will house all of the necessary items. So, what is necessary? If you have prescription drugs you need to take, be sure to pack them in your essentials bag. You may need certain chargers, documents, toiletries, a change of clothes, pajamas, etc. Everything you will need before you start formally unpacking needs to be in this bag.

This bag is especially relevant when relocating your entire household on short notice! You might have days on end where you just don’t have the time to unpack. Think about everything and be quick!

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