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Vintage clothing has gained popularity in recent years. How can we define vintage clothing? According to some provisions, these clothes and accessories could include anything before the 1980s and beyond. Many people enjoy collecting certain styles from the fashion industry and have been doing so for years. The problem that arises at some point is how to save and where to store all of these clothes. No matter how good the materials the clothes are sewn from, they become fragile over time. Vintage clothes are like antiques, so special care must be taken when storing these pieces. Proper storage of these garments will allow you to enjoy vintage clothing for a long time. That’s why we’re going to share with you below some tips for storing vintage clothes to preserve them from deterioration and keep them in the best condition possible.

Preserving vintage fashion in the dark

Sunlight can damage vintage clothing, so it is always recommended to keep it in a dark place. Also, the disposal area should be cool and dry. Otherwise, your clothes may change color or fade, and the thread may rot. If the area where you leave your clothes is in direct sunlight, use blinds. In addition, these precious pieces should be kept in 100% cotton bags. It’s always a good option to store your stuff in controlled conditions like moving and storage Alexandria VA.

A woman sorts objects in a suitcase
By storing vintage clothes in dark storage rooms, you will protect your pieces from deterioration.

Vintage clothes should be cleaned before being stored

Be careful when cleaning vintage clothing. Always consult with a textile expert before starting to clean. Many fabrics cannot be washed, so ventilate them well. Wash washable clothes gently with a suitable detergent. For individual pieces, chemical cleaning is a good solution. Dust some items that are not washable with a dry cloth or blow them out with a hair dryer on a low setting. If you notice signs of mildew on your clothes, don’t store them. It can damage other clothes.

Repairing clothes

Always make small repairs to clothing. Reinforce buttons, sew up wrinkles, or patch holes while they are still small. This way, your clothes will be preserved in a preventive way.

How to get rid of unpleasant odors from vintage clothes?

A well-ventilated room with circulating air or a fan is the best way to get rid of bad odors from clothes. Also, an odor-absorbing drying rack is a good solution. The use of deodorizing sprays can alter fabrics and change their color.

Avoid vacuuming textiles

Vacuuming vintage clothing to remove dust is never a good idea. Your clothes will get damaged and if they are decorated, they can get torn. Instead of vacuuming, use a piece of cloth to wipe the dust off your clothes.

Before storing vintage clothes, ask a fabric expert how to clean different types of fabrics.
Different types of fabrics require different maintenance and storage.

 Your wardrobe needs fresh air

Do not crowd your vintage clothes together. If you hang them on hangers, leave a few inches of space between them. Air must circulate and this way, the longevity of the fabrics is preserved.
If you use storage Alexandria VA services, monitor the humidity and temperature of your storage space. Humidity conditions are extremely unfavorable for the storage of your precious garments.

When storing vintage clothing, do not use plastic bags

People often store clothes in plastic bags for dry cleaning. This is not a good solution for your clothes because the liquid from dry cleaning contains gases that damage clothes. Clothes can’t breathe in plastic bags, so the best solution is non-dyed muslin for the pieces.
Also, heavy clothes should not be hung on hangers. Prolonged hanging causes damage, such as tearing the fabric.
Clothes should be stored in acid-free boxes and acid-free tissue paper for the safe storage of clothes. Insert tissues between the folded parts of the clothes so they do not bunch up. These items are available at the container store.

Woolen clothes and sweaters

For wool clothing, get the following supplies:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Mothballs
  • Tissues

Wrap the wool clothes in tissues and store them flat in the box. Do not squeeze them into the box. Also, add mothballs to the boxes to protect them from moths. Do not apply the mothballs directly to the fabric. One caveat: if you have a cat, avoid using mothballs.

Leather and suede

If you’re preparing to move your stuff with the professional help of residential movers in DC, remember that leather and suede are stored on padded hangers. When you hang them, cover them with muslin.


If you don’t know how to wrap scarves when preparing to store items with help of A2B moving and storage DC, here’s the solution. Take some cardboard tubes and line them with muslin, then wrap some scarves around the tubes.

Some of the tricks

To protect your beloved jeans from bleaching and keep their indigo hue, here’s a tip. Turn them inside out, put them in a Ziploc bag, and put them in the freezer. Always air shrink your underwear because of the delicacy of the fabric.

A man and a woman are storing clothes.
Check the condition of your stored clothes from time to time.

Check your clothes periodically

Secure storage of vintage clothing is sometimes not enough to preserve the fabrics. These types of clothes are not used often. If you don’t check the fabrics from time to time, they can be damaged by various pests. By doing so, you will minimize the deterioration of the cloth. Also, don’t close your boxes because we already mentioned that the circulation of fresh air is the most important. And this way, it will be easier to check the condition of your clothes, at least once a year.

If you are an avid collector of vintage clothing, make a catalog of your collection. Also, stick a list of contents on each box for better visibility. By following these tips for preserving vintage clothing, you’ll take a big step toward preserving your precious treasures.

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