Top Virginia suburbs for big families


    Moving with your family is not an easy thing to do. There is a lot of preparation and work you need to put into the process to make it possible. However, apart from the relocation process itself, it is hard finding the right place to live in. Granted, there is a huge variety of different cities, states, and counties to choose from. Today, we will focus on the state of Virginia. To be more precise, we will be exploring some of the best Virginia suburbs for big families you should take into account. This is a big decision. Mostly because you will probably want to spend the rest of your life living there. Therefore, the relocation itself is an important part to think about. By hiring professional movers, like A2B Moving and Storage, you will ensure that your relocation process goes smoothly.

    Top Virginia suburbs for big families

    The state of Virginia, or officially, the Commonwealth of Virginia, is a Mid-Atlantic state in the Southeastern region of the United States. The capital of the state is Richmond, while Virginia Beach has the most population. Furthermore, according to the 2020 poll, there are around 8.65 million people living in the state, while 36% of them are living in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area. Virginia is the 35th largest state in the US.

    A beautiful lake with the forest in the background
    Virginia has hundreds of thousands of acres of beautiful national parks, forests, and recreational areas you and your family can visit

    Moreover, the majority of the state has a humid subtropical climate. However, everything west of the Blue Ridge Mountains is under a humid continental climate. In fact, every time there were records of extreme temperatures or precipitation, they occurred on the west side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There are 95 counties and 38 independent cities in the state. Some of the main industries in the state are farming, high-tech, military, and the federal government.

    What makes a suburb good for families?

    As today we will discuss suburban areas of Virginia you can settle in with your big family, we need to understand what we should look for. Now, logically, moving in with your family hugely differs from moving in on your own. Therefore, there are other priorities you will have to have. Today, we will focus mostly on areas that have:

    • Low crime rates / Overall safety
    • Good public schooling systems
    • Access to various outdoor activities
    • Areas with educational, historical, and cultural amenities

    These are all the things we will focus on today. Moreover, as you are moving with a big family, you will need a place to store all of your items. Therefore, we advise you to hire storage Alexandria, VA, services to help you accommodate all of your belongings. By doing so, you and your family can have an easier time adapting to new surroundings and have time to explore.


    Welcome to Bluemont, Arlington, one of the best neighborhoods to live in in Virginia. Around 8.500 residents are living in the area. The median house value in the area is around $778.500, while the median household income is $187.000. This means that both the house value and the median income are about three times higher than the national average.

    a dog standing in the street with the sunshine on the horizon in one of the best Virginia suburbs for big families
    Bluemont is a great and safe place to raise a family

    Furthermore, out of 8.500 people living in the area, 43% have a master’s degree or higher education. Around 35% of the population are families. What makes Bluemont one of the best Virginia suburbs for big families is the great public and private schooling system. Not only can you choose between several schools, but you can be assured that the educational system is top-notch. So, if Bluemont seems like a place you can raise your family, give movers Arlington, VA, a call and book your move.

    Broadlands as one of the best Virginia suburbs for big families

    Broadlands is a suburban area of Washington D.C with a population of around 14.000 people. The suburb is in Loudoun County and it is considered to be one of the best suburban areas for families in the state of Virginia. By contacting movers Ashburn, VA, you will ensure to have a positive relocation experience to this suburban area. Moreover, the median house value in the area is around $618.500, while the median household income is $184.500. Furthermore, just like with Bluemont, the median value and income are about three times higher than the national average. Around 85$ of the population in the area is owning their homes. The majority of the population has a bachelor’s degree and this is due to the high rate of the public schooling system in the area. There are dozens of vineyards in the area and a plethora of hiking trails for your outdoor activities.


    Belmont is another suburban area in Loudoun County. However, what differs Belmont from Broadlands is that it is mostly a rural area. It is a suburb of Washington D.C and it has around 6.630 residents living in it. 92% of the population in the area are owning their homes. Furthermore, the median house value is $711.400, while the median household income is $220.750.

    a wheat field with the sunset on the horizon
    Belmont offers a great rural lifestyle that can be enjoyed by the whole family

    Although it is a little more expensive, living in this area has a plethora of perks. One of the main is living in a rural area where children can enjoy their outdoor freedom. By hiring movers Sterling, VA, you can focus on exploring the nature in the area and not about relocating your belongings.

    The overall beauty of Virginia

    The state of Virginia, in general, is very beautiful. It offers a plethora of different nature and outdoor activities and is surrounded by it. You can encounter deer almost wherever you go. However, some families might enjoy living in cities, while others enjoy living in rural areas. Luckily, Virginia has it all. Regardless of what your choice is, we are sure that you will not regret it. Moreover, if you are planning on moving to the state, make sure that you hire moving and storage Alexandria, VA, to relocate you to some of the best Virginia suburbs for big families.

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