Types of moving boxes you’ll need when relocating from a studio apartment?


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The first image that comes to mind when you think about moving is most likely a moving box. That happens for a good reason, the majority of items that you move will be transported in a box. Living in a studio apartment will likely cost you the luxury of having many items, but that can also be a blessing sometimes. The fewer items you own, the less you will pay to some moving companies DC area to move you. But the items you have will need to be packed into some kind of box. Now you probably wonder, are there more kinds of boxes on the market and which ones do I need? We will give you a list of the most common types of moving boxes and their characteristics.

What are the different types of moving boxes?

Since people have different types of items that need moving, the need for many different boxes appeared. There are items of different shapes, sizes, and durability. All of them need different things to get from point A to point B in one piece. One thing is for sure, no matter what items you have, some DC apartment movers will take great care of them. What you can do is get the right types of moving boxes. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Small boxes
  • Medium boxes
  • Large boxes
  • Custom boxes
  • Dish boxes
  • Mirror boxes
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The types of moving boxes you use will depend on the items that you have

Small boxes

The other name for this kind of box is the book box. Since it is the smallest in size, you can also fit the least in it. If you hire movers DC, they will likely use these boxes to pack something small and heavy, like small kitchen appliances or books.

Medium boxes

This is the standard moving box that all residential movers DC use. Since it is 3 cubic feet in size, you can fit almost everything in here. Whether you need to pack clothes, toys, or kitchenware, the medium box is a safe choice.

Large boxes

A rule of thumb when packing items into boxes is to decrease the weight of the items packed if the size of the box goes up. With that logic, the only things that you should pack into big boxes are lightweight items like clothes, pillows, and blankets.

Custom boxes

Some households have oddly shaped, large items that don’t fit in the standard boxes. Items like artwork will surely need specialty custom boxes. The beauty of this kind of box is that you can get it in the desired size, which comes at a certain price of course.

Dish boxes

The kitchen is the most difficult part of the house when it comes to packing. There are so many items of weird shapes and sizes, and most of them are fragile. When thinking about whether you should hire professional packers or not, think about the fact that they have special boxes even for this. Dish boxes are special boxes that have cell dividers, perfect for packing delicate glassware. If you want to go the extra mile, wrap every single item in bubble wrap and packing paper. You can never be too sure.

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Dishes are fragile and require special attention

What types of moving boxes do you need for a studio apartment?

Since you know what types of moving boxes exist, it will be easier to decide which ones you need. For example, if you have a collection of books, you should probably get several small boxes. Get the boxes that you need according to the amount and types of items that you have. We wish you good luck!

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