Creative ideas for the celebration of your move to Alexandria


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Moving is a long, stressful process that has many ups and downs along the way. You see, there is no better way to ensure your move will be safe than by hiring moving companies Alexandria VA has to offer. Those professionals that have worked for years in the field will make sure everything goes according to plan. So why don’t you concentrate a little on relaxing and plan a little get-together to celebrate your move at the end of all that trouble? There are many creative ideas for the celebration of your move to Alexandria. And we are here to share some of them with you.

Reason to celebrate

The best local movers on the market just finished helping you move. And all of the trouble and anxiety that accumulated over time has seemed to vanish. Now you are in a new home ready for a new beginning. And is there a better way to start off your new life than with a celebration? If you are thinking about ideas for the celebration of your move to Alexandria then you probably realised that they are limitless. As long as you have some imagination, you can come up with something you, your family, or friends would like.

Ideas for the celebration of your move to Alexandria come to life with your friends
Friends helping you with ideas for the celebration of your move to Alexandria.

Fort wars

You just moved. And you are probably too tired to start unpacking. And why would you? Especially if you have young children, the amount of energy you spent on a moving day was enormous. But how can you have some time to relax when the kids unlike you are still full of energy? Don’t worry there is still a way. Use the piano movers Northern Virginia placed in your home as one fort (cover it with sheets and place blankets on the floor). For the second place, hang the sheets over the boxes and also make makeshift beds underneath. 

You and your partner make two teams and arrange for your kids to be in your troops. Have a fun and relaxing fort war playing games and talking. The kids will use up their energy and you will have plenty of time to get yours back. During the winter you can make hot chocolate and talk about fun stories and during the summer munch on ice cream.

Game night

If you need ideas for the celebration of your move to Alexandria that include both your and your friend’s families, then a game night is perfect for you. You can play video games or cards, monopoly and so on. Leave your and their kids to entertain each other while you the adults also play. Board games and card games are always fun no matter how old you are. This way you can also catch up with your friends and family and relax at the same time.

Friends playing board games
Board games are always fun, no matter your age. So make some time and devote some time to relaxing with your friends.

BBQ is always an option

If you used the storage option that A2B Moving and Storage has to offer then having a BBQ after the move is easy! All you need to do is drive up to the storage and in a matter of minutes you can pick up all of the things you need. Like your grill, yard chairs and table, and so on. That means that a BBQ party is a pretty good choice for you. Some ideas for the celebration of your move to Alexandria don’t have to be out of the world and new. The most important thing is that you have fun and relax.

Call your friends over, play some nice music in the background, and make drinks and BBQ. Talk and catch up on things you might have missed while moving. You can dance, play games, talk and sit and eat. Is there anything better than hanging out with people you like and that also like you?

Housewarming party

Are you one of those people that just can’t stand chaos? You recently moved in and you already unpacked, tidied up the house and don’t have any more things left to do? Well, then a housewarming party is a must! This is actually the most common idea for celebrating your move to Alexandria. Although it’s common that doesn’t mean it’s bad. This is an informal get-together where you can relax and enjoy your friend’s company. Not only can you invite your friends but neighbors as well if they are interested. It is actually believed that hosting a housewarming party brings you good luck.

Friends standing next to a table
Make a nice lunch and invite your closest friends over for a housewarming party!

Explore the city

Not all ideas for the celebration of your move to Alexandria are in your new home. Some are actually in the heart of this beautiful city. Go out! Explore the city, look at shops, and find a cafe you like! Buy a book, watch a play, or see a movie! You can even get dressed and go clubbing or visit a restaurant! The choices are yours. The most important thing is that you have a fun time. This way you will charge your batteries and get to know the city and the residents in the process.

Spa day

If you are interested in a solo party to celebrate your move a nice day in the spa will do the trick. Get a massage and relax in a sauna. Wash away your tiredness and pamper yourself for a change. You absolutely deserve it! Especially after the move, and all the stress you went through. It’s not like you have more things left to do. The unpacking can wait, and everything else as well. What’s important is you. Don’t neglect yourself!

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