How to pack your clothes without wrinkling them?


    Packing clothes is an easy task compared to other things that you have to pack. But, it is only one side. When we take a look at the other side, we get some problems with packing clothes. Wrinkling clothes is something that many people think it must happen. The truth is, it does not! There are ways to pack your clothes without wrinkling them. The good thing is that you do not have to look for moving companies DC area. You can do it all by yourself if you follow the tips closely. So, without further ado, learn the proper way of packing your clothes!

    Plastic is the path you should go for!

    Even though plastic is not that great for the planet, it has a lot to offer. It makes out lives easier and since it is the case, you should use it to the fullest. But, how to use it? How is it going to make your clothes wrinkle-free?

    When packing clothes for the move, you do not pack each and every one of the pieces alone. You will place a bunch of them in the box. But, before you do that, you need to make sure that each clothing item has its own ‘isolation’. You will do this by using plastic dry cleaning bags or plastic wrap. By doing this, you will avoid the friction between your clothes and it will prevent wrinkles from forming. Not a bad way, right?

    a plastic bag - pack your clothes without wrinkling them
    Plastic can help you avoid wrinkles on your clothes

    Rolling is a good way to pack your clothes without wrinkling them

    It may seem like a false statement, but it is not. Rolling can really be a good thing if you want to handle packing clothes without getting wrinkles. Even if you are moving locally, it is still a big thing because clothes can wrinkle in a matter of hours. If you need to use your clothes right away, make sure you follow the plan. Or you can always get local movers DC to help you out.

    If you choose to handle this on your own, you need to avoid folding it here. For example, when packing pants, you want to fold only vertically. After that, make sure to roll all the way up. Also, by rolling your clothes, you will use less space and you can pack more items in the moving box. When we talk about shirts and t-shirts, folding vertically applies. Then place the sleeves in the same position and roll your clothes this way. You will really see the difference when you start unpacking!

    a person packing clothes
    Rolling clothes will prevent wrinkles when packing them

    What about sweaters, jumpers?

    Folding clothes made from light materials is easier. But, when dealing with bulkier items, these ways may not be appropriate. Also, many people have problems here and they stress out. Instead of hiring packing moving services DC, you can relax and think of another way.

    In order to pack heavier clothes for the move, you want to make a square. You will do this by aligning the sleeves and placing them on the front of the sweater. After that, just fold the bottom and you are done. It may not seem like special advice but you will see that it is going to work.

    Use wrinkle-free clothes and save time on packing clothes

    Not all people know that there are clothes where you are not going to have a problem with wrinkles. They are resistant to them and you should utilize less time to complete everything. Synthetic clothes are wrinkle-free and you are not going to have this problem.

    Avoid packing clothes with other items in the boxes

    Packing your clothes properly will help you avoid wrinkles but that is not all. The important thing here is to use the space well too. If you try and pack heavier items like shoes with your clothes, you can be sure that your clothes will have wrinkles on them. Even though it may not seem like it, this is a pretty common problem. When preparing your clothes for the move, you need to pack them separately and make sure nothing comes on top of them.

    If you do not want to experiment, make the call and get professionals to help you

    All of these tips and great if you want to pack your clothes without wrinkling them. But, not all people want to handle this by themselves. Especially if they are moving long distance. It is much easier to make a phone call and let the professionals take care of everything. If you choose this way of dealing with this problem, you are not done. In order to be sure that you are in safe hands, you need to make the right selection. Here are some things that you should have in mind if you want to pick the right long distance movers DC:

    • check the license first
    • go with experienced movers
    • do not overpay the move, make sure you get a minimum of three moving quotes
    • be careful not to get scammed

    A moving scam is certainly the biggest potential problem. You want to avoid it at all costs. There are many red flags to watch out for so you should not trust everyone. When you are aware, there is less chance that you will make a wrong decision!

    two man standing
    Think about calling professionals for help

    Packing clothes without wrinkling them is perfectly doable

    As you can see, there are some ways on how to pack your clothes without wrinkling them. But, if you want to be as safe as possible, you will have to do the job just right. You should not procrastinate and leave this for the last possible moment. If you try and handle this in a rush, you will not do a great job and you will just lose time you could have spent elsewhere. Use the tips well and you should have wrinkle-free clothes once you unpack!

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