Creative ides for storing moving boxes in the first days after moving?


    Now that you have finished moving, all that is separating you from a clean home are the moving boxes. After every move, there will be many left. When you start the moving preparations, getting the right amount of moving boxes is a must. This will probably leave you with a huge mess once A2B Moving and Storage leave. The easiest thing to do would be to just throw them out and be done with it. But why would you do that when there are so many creative ideas for storing moving boxes? Let’s see some of the best ones.

    What are some of the most creative ideas for storing moving boxes?

    When thinking about storing moving boxes, you don’t have to store them. They will take up a lot of space, that you might be tight with already, and they won’t serve a purpose. Instead of them lying around and waiting for the next move with some movers Virginia, you can put them to good use. Some of the best way to do it is:

    • Make a castle for your kids
    • Help your pets get comfortable
    • Organize your storage unit
    Picture of a pile of cardboard boxes
    Before you get rid of them, consider storing moving boxes

    Make a castle

    There are not many things that kids like more than fortresses. And when it’s made by their favorite people, it is even better. So, why throw out perfect building materials for a toy that will occupy your kids for a long time? While you might think that it is a lot of work, it is quite easy actually. If you have really small kids and toddlers, one box will be more than enough. Cut out doors and windows in it, and tape it to the ground so that it stays in place. Since your kids will likely feel anxious about the new place after moving with some of the best movers Alexandria VA, you will need to spend as much time with them as possible. Decorating your new construction with crayons and glitter is a great way to do this.

    Organize your storage unit

    Since you have just moved, your storage unit will be a little messy, for sure. There might be new things that don’t fit in your new home, and they need to go to storage. If you don’t have boxes for that purpose, your moving boxes will be great. Instead of recycling your moving boxes right away, you can use them for storing items for some time until you get plastic bins.

    Help your pets get comfortable

    After moving with some local movers Northern VA, your pets will need a little time to get adjusted to the new surroundings. Since they are very territorial, they will want something that is theirs to give them comfort. Your pets likely have had their spot in your old home, with a blanket that has their smell on it. Now you can upgrade their bed by using up some of your moving boxes. If you have cats, a medium-sized box will be just right. Tape closed the top part of the box, and just cut out a door on the side. Add their favorite blanket and toys inside, and your cats will be purring in no time.

    Picture of a sleeping cat
    You should help your pets get comfortable faster

    Conclusion on storing moving boxes

    Storing moving boxes might not be the first thing on your mind once you finish moving, but once your home gets more organized, the empty boxes will start bothering you. If you give them a new purpose, they can even make your home look better or more comfortable. We wish you good luck!

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