How renting storage unit saves you money when moving interstate


    Have you ever thought about renting a storage unit but changed your mind because it’s too expensive? Everybody has been there. Even though it might seem like an expensive solution, renting a storage unit saves you money when moving interstate. Moving with A2B Moving and Storage also saves you money, because of the great deals. Whether you are moving or just want to keep your home organized, storage units can be used affordably. You don’t believe it? With this article, we will try to convince you otherwise.

    How renting a storage unit saves you money when moving interstate

    Renting a storage unit saves you money when moving interstate with one of the movers Alexandria VA in more ways than one. The following list shows the most common ones:

    • Downsizing
    • Space for hobbies
    • Bargain-hunter stash
    • Convenient place to keep clutter
    • Cheaper solution for businesses


    Many people are looking for small, compact, and functional living spaces nowadays. The reasons can be different, from financial to lifestyle-related. Self storage Alexandria VA offers solutions for all these cases. They give you a convenient place to keep all your belongings so that you can move to a smaller home. You can keep your things, the smaller home costs less, and everything is tidy. What a win-win situation!

    Woman surrounded by cardboard boxes holding packing tape
    If you are downsizing for any reason, storage units can help you

    Space for hobbies

    People who can afford it, move to bigger homes with moving companies Virginia, to provide space for their hobbies. A storage unit nullifies the need for that. Why would you rent or buy a bigger house when you can simply store all your collectibles in a nearby storage unit? This way they will be close to you, without taking up space in your home. Again, you have a tidy home, and still, keep the things that you love.

    Bargain-hunter stash

    With the pandemic and lockdown in full swing, people were hoarding groceries and everyday items. Imagine finding a good deal for something that you need, but you don’t have space where to store it? Another situation where storage units can be used to save money. You can store packages of toilet paper and sacks of flour in a storage unit. And if you are moving locally, one of the moving companies Sterling VA won’t even have to move it, since it’s close by.

    Convenient place to keep clutter

    When the time comes to sell your house and move out with the help of one of the long distance moving companies Northern VA, where will you store your clutter? In a storage unit of course! Potential buyers don’t want to see your clutter in their new homes. That will just discourage them from buying it, which you certainly don’t want.

    Cheaper solution for businesses

    The price of commercial square footage has skyrocketed in the past few years. That represents the biggest expense for business owners. Why would you move to a bigger office just to keep your surplus inventory and supplies? A storage unit is perfectly convenient for that. And it is much cheaper than a bigger office when there is no real need for it.

    Picture of office supplies
    Why move to a bigger office when you can stash your supplies in a storage unit?

    How renting storage unit saves you money when moving interstate – conclusion

    As you can see, storage units can be the answer to your space-related problems. Renting a storage unit saves you money when moving interstate if you rent the right-sized unit. A unit too big, that will be half empty won’t do much good to your budget. That’s why you need to make calculations and plan before deciding to rent a unit.

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