How to avoid damaging floors while moving to Washington


    When moving home, people often fear that they will damage most of their furniture. But that is a common misconception and a rumor spread by a few of those who had a bad experience while moving. You can easily protect your furniture, and avoid damaging floors while moving to Washington. With the help of a reliable A2B Moving and Storage company and a good moving plan, you can do it successfully. Let us show you how.

    The safety of the moving project means hiring a good moving company

    Right from the start, we must advise that the best way to avoid any damages while moving is to hire reliable furniture movers Washington DC. They will bring all the tools, knowledge, experience, and the right moving services for you. This way you won’t’ have to think about a thing. You will surely avoid damaging floors while moving to Washington and even enjoy your relocation to the fullest. Therefore, find yourself the finest local moving company out there and give them a call.

    moving company
    If you find the moving company with all the tools and knowledge required, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

    Use proper tools to avoid damaging floors while moving to Washington

    Obviously, you want to use proper tools to avoid damaging floors while moving to Washington. You should never drag your furniture all over the place because that way you can damage your floors beyond repair. Therefore, use dollies, pallets, or carry them in your hands. But your residential movers Washington DC already have all the tools necessary to handle this task so you shouldn’t worry about this part. This is just a reminder in case you are covering this one alone.

    Pack safely to avoid damaging floors while moving to Washington

    How you pack your items matter greatly as well. If you use cheap materials you can damage your floors easily. Simply because cheap materials can have rough edges and when you drop your boxes on the ground you can scratch your hardwood or tiles easily. Hence, you should focus on a bit better materials. Obtain the following:

    • Higher-quality cardboard boxes and plastic bins.
    • Adhesive tape and labels.
    • Stretching foil and bubble wrap.
    • Corner pads, Styrofoam, and packing peanuts.
    wrapping furniture in bubble wrap will help you avoid damaging floors while moving to Washington
    Using blister packs to wrap furniture will add another layer of protection that will keep your floors intact.

    Those materials are all you need to pack your entire home. But you want to focus on cardboard boxes and corner pads for your furniture. Of course, blister packs will play a vital role in this story because you will wrap most of your furniture in them. If you wrap and protect everything, you will lower the chance to damage your floors significantly. But if you can’t be bothered with the packing process, enlist your moving helpers Washington DC to do it instead. They will bring all the materials, pack, secure everything, and transport safely. Amazing, right?

    Additional helpers and moving insurance

    Ok, your friends can help you move but if they do not know what they are doing, they can damage your property, items, and furniture. One wrong move and you will end up with damaged floors. So, think twice before you invite any friends to help you out, or at least do not call the clumsy ones. And it would be wise to have moving insurance. You can ask your movers if they include it in the contract or you must purchase this service. Moreover, you want to know what kind of insurance they provide. If you are moving expensive furniture and your floors are expensive as well, then you want to have full coverage. If they can’t provide this, you should purchase it from the insurance company. Better safe than sorry.

    Now you know how to avoid damaging floors while moving to Washington. It is a simple process, to be honest. Just enlist a good moving company with all the tools required for this job. Hopefully, we raised the awareness enough for you to prepare for your relocation adequately. Good luck.

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