How to make your storage in Alexandria eco-friendly?


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You are moving again and this time you decided on renting a storage unit. But you want to make your storage in Alexandria eco-friendly while keeping your items safe at the same time. Do not worry, we will help you with a small guide on how to do it right. And remember, you still have to make a relocation plan, pack like a pro, and hire A2B Moving and Storage company for all your moving-related needs. So, let us not waste precious time, and let’s get to it!

Find a good storage unit provider first

You can find and rent storage Alexandria VA from your moving company or from a storage unit provider. This is entirely your choice. But we must advise sticking with a moving company simply because you are already moving and you need to transport your stuff to the unit anyway. Therefore, they will either provide you with the unit of your choice or patch you with a unit provider they are working with. Therefore, the best choice is to find a reliable moving company first and check if they provide storage unit renting services.

Find one online and make your storage in Alexandria eco-friendly
Browse the internet and find your storage unit provider and the perfect unit for your needs.

So, go online and browse until you find a good moving and storage Alexandria VA company and check their prices and services. Read a few reviews as well until you confirm they are legit to do business with. Also, once you give them a call, ask them if they are licensed and permitted to work if you want to avoid any legal troubles. Once you get the confirmation, go and check out your unit and start making plans on how to make your storage in Alexandria eco-friendly.

Make your storage in Alexandria eco-friendly and save some money as well

Ok, you were probably calculating your moving budget at some point and you are wondering how to cut your spending. We can tell you that there is a way to keep your relocation eco-friendly while lowering the costs as well. Firstly, you can purchase the whole batch of eco-friendly packing materials from your Furniture Movers VA and let them bring it over to your doorstep. But an even better thing to do is to reuse your old materials. You probably have a lot of cardboard boxes in your garage stacked nicely somewhere. Those leftovers from your previous move will come into play now. Remember that huge box that you got when your new fridge came in? Yes, you can use it now and give it purpose again.

Also, you should use all plastic bins, wooden baskets, garbage bags, and similar items to transport your stuff over. You will simply use them for this one purpose and keep them in your home or recycle them later. But if you do not have your old carton boxes anymore, ask your neighbors or friends if they have any. Maybe you can re-use their batch and give it back once you are done. But for those that will stay inside a unit, you can find cheap boxes online or with your movers.

Check out the perks that will help you make your storage in Alexandria eco-friendly

Now, let us explain quickly what to pay attention to when renting a storage unit. You will communicate this further with your movers depending on your personal needs. But you must know what is out there and what to check before renting one. Consider the following:

  • Safety and security – You can choose from an outdoor unit all the way to an indoor unit with 24/7 surveillance and a guard on site. It all comes with a price and on your personal needs.
  • Indoor inspection – You must be sure that there are no faults inside your unit. Inspect all the doors, floors, ceiling, plumbing, and electricity. Make sure there are no chances for hazardous situations.
  • Climate-controlled storage – This is one of the best choices for anyone who has valuable content inside the unit. Or any content for that matter if you want to stay in the same state you left it in. So, check with your movers and ask them if their Moving services VA offers such a lovely unit that will keep your cargo pest, moisture, mold, and dust-free.
Storage facility
Choose your unit carefully and make sure it has all the perks you wish.

Also, as we mentioned before, be sure who are you renting from. There are public rentals, private rentals, and companies dedicated to this industry. Maybe you should stick to the moving companies if you want to avoid extensive research about storage unit rentals.

Declutter and keep it clean

People use their units for all kinds of purposes. You might do the same so let us give you advice. In case you are using your unit as a second garage, a workshop, or a place to support your business, you must think about energy saving. If you want to keep your storage in Alexandria eco-friendly you must use sun-powered generators or batteries if you have access to those. If you don’t have those, then at least turn off all the machinery and light while you are absent. Never leave anything running overnight and always unplug all utilities to save energy and reduce the chances of any danger.

Moreover, to keep your unit clean and obstacle-free, you might want to declutter before moving and bring only the items you really need. It is time to get rid of the unnecessary hoard. Therefore, inspect your items beforehand and donate, recycle, sell online, or give them away to friends and neighbors. It is time to start fresh.

LED lights can be the answer

If you do not have the nerve or the time to think about the lights inside your unit all the time, invest in LED lights. It is the best eco-friendly solution out there. They are cheap, easily installed, and they will save a ton of energy. You won’t have to turn them off at all if you are leaving for the night and using your unit daily. But of course, if you are visiting your unit once a week or less, then turn off everything as we explained earlier.

a hand holding a LED lamp
LED lights are amazing energy and money saver. And the best eco-friendly solution out there.

Use eco-friendly materials

As we already mentioned, you will use cardboard and wood as environmentally friendly materials for your unit. You can get those at the nearest hardware shop, order online, or purchase from your interstate movers VA. But for the cleaning, you should focus on the same category of eco-friendly cleaning products. The same goes for any flammable or hazardous materials. Be careful with those and do not leave them inside your unit for too long. Do what you intended then discard them adequately. And remember to clean your unit regularly to keep the pests and rodents out of the way.

That was it. Now you know how to make your storage in Alexandria eco-friendly. As you can see, it is nothing too hard or complicated. As long as you find a good unit provider and properly sized storage unit you will be fine. Just adapt it to your wishes and make sure everything is working as intended. Good luck.

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