How to safely move your fine art to Washington DC


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Sometimes relocating expensive items can be released difficult.  Especially when we’re talking about fine art.  There are some steps you need to take to keep everything safely packed for the move.  This is the reason why today you will find out how you can move your fine art to Washington DC.  And with the help of A2B Moving And Storage, you will relocate it with ease.  And here is what you need to know about this move.

What to do before you move your fine art to Washington DC

Before you even begin preparing for your move you need to have in mind that this isn’t like moving regular items.  You will have to prepare everything, and be careful not to break or damage your fine art.  This isn’t something you can do with these because it’s not that simple.  So before you even begin you need to make a plan that you will follow to keep everything safely kept for the move.  This plan should consist of the tasks you need to do such as:

  • Looking for good movers that will move you safely
  • Inquiring of them about their skills when moving fine art
  • Gather proper packing materials and supplies that you will use when moving them
  • Consider other options that can help you with your task
a person looking for ways to move your fine art to Washington DC
Start looking for good movers before you move your fine art to Washington DC

These are some of the most important steps you need to take to properly pack and move your fine art to Washington DC.  Sometimes your fine art can include very expensive furniture pieces that you might not be able to move by yourself.  That is when furniture movers Washington DC come into play.  They’re professionals who will relocate your items safely and without damaging them. Avoiding any potential damages when moving is important. Because in the end, it might cost you, even more, to replace or repair those items after the move is done.

Consider wooden crates and plastic bins

Wooden crates are excellent when you need to pack and move some fine art like little statues, or other heavy and big items.  They’re perfect because they will provide your items with the perfect protection that they will need during the move.  You can look for these wooden crates in your Home Depot, or on the Internet.  There is one more thing you can do when packing your fine art in them, and that is to use packing hay.  It is artificial hay that will prevent your items from damaging each other in the crates as well as keep them safe from any scratches.  This is important to remember when you are about to hire DC apartment movers For your upcoming move.  Tumbling all these items while carrying them down the stairs can be risky.  So consider getting wooden crates as a precaution.

A wooden crate
Wooden crates are excellent for this

Plastic bins are also a good idea, and they will provide you as much protection as wooden crates and.  The only difference is that there be cheaper and easier to handle because they come in all sizes and shapes.  But you can use plastic bins is packing beans that are good when packing fine art.  Just like artificial packing hay, they will provide your items with perfect protection during the move.  Not only that but they will also feel the oddly shaped empty spaces within your plastic bins.

Think about renting a storage

Renting a storage unit can be a great idea. Especially when you have a lot of fine art to move. Sometimes it can be nearly impossible to move everything at once, so you need to figure out what to do with the fine art you can’t move right away. That is when storage units come in handy. They are perfect because they will provide your items all the necessary protection they will need during the storing part. And your fine art will be perfectly protected there until you come back for them. So, look for storage units DC if you need them. It is for the best if you leave your items there for the time being.

storage units
It is a good idea to rent a storage unit

Ask art galleries for tips and tricks

It is always a good idea to ask your local galleries for tips and tricks when you are moving your fine art to Washington DC. They will always be happy to tell you how they transport their art and what methods they are using. They might suggest to you some good art moving movers. Who knows? Also, they will always tell you what kind of packing supplies to use and how to combine them to get perfect protection for your art. It is also important to know how to take care of fine art. That will allow you to maintain its quality through the move. Not to mention that you will prolong their life as well.

By now you have learned what you need to do to move your fine art to Washington DC safely. These steps will ensure that everything is going smoothly and nothing will be left behind. We are very glad if you found this article informative and helpful, and would like to invite you over to our blog. We covered a lot of topics when it comes to safety when moving. And we are certain you will find them all more than interesting to read. They are here to provide you with the best possible tips that you can use to organize a safe relocation. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We will answer your calls and help you with any moving-related issues that you might have.


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