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Moving services are not so cheap, especially if you are moving long distances. Or, when you decide to use full moving services. You’ve probably heard so many times why you should check out moving companies. And why it’s important to work with reliable movers DC area. The last thing you need is to hire an unqualified mover. Or a company that provides inadequate services. However, we could witness that even with the best-prepared moves, things sometimes go wrong. If so, you will want to send a complaint. But, let’s see when it is time to send complaints to a moving company.

When is the time to send complaints to a moving company

Before answering, we have to understand the difference between:

  1. damage claim
  2. moving complaint

In case your property got damaged or missing during the move, you can file a damage claim. The moving company will reimburse your loss as per the terms set in the moving contract. However, in case the moving company violates the conditions and terms of the contract, you have grounds to file the moving complaint. 

A Man Signing a Document at an Office - time to send complaints to a moving company.
Always file a complaint in writing.

Filing a damage claim with movers

As a client, you have a right to file a claim for lost or damaged property. However, before you do it, make sure to read your contract again. Namely, when you hire movers in DC, they will offer you several coverage options. In case you have opted for basic coverage, your reimbursement will not be high.

Namely, the basic coverage protects your items for $0.60 per pound per item. So, in case your item costs $2000 and weighs 65 pounds, you will be entitled to receive $39.00. But, in case you can prove that damage was caused due to improper care, you can file a moving complaint instead.

Coverage plan and reimbursement

Besides, the coverage plan you have to choose before signing the contract. And, you can’t alter it at the time of delivery. The basic coverage is a free option. But, in case you have some very expensive items, getting additional coverage might be a wise move.

Also, make sure to file a claim in writing. Otherwise, you won’t have any track of it. If the mover is not responding to your claim or refusing to pay, you have grounds to file a moving complaint.

Filing a moving complaint

An answered moving claim is just one of the grounds for filing a moving complaint. So, here are several other valid reasons:

  • late/ missing the pickup or delivery time (company movers are unjustly late, or never showing up)
  • your mover damages or lose your property due to a lack of care
  • moving scams (company takes your money, but never does any work)
  • keeping your belongings hostage (until you agree to pay a higher fee)
  • deliberately prolonged services (especially when you are paying movers per hour)
  • unexpected charges (charges not specified in your contract appear in your final bill)

All those present breaches of the moving contract. Besides, the moves can be very rude/dismissive to you. So, all those cases show that it is time to send complaints to a moving company.

Young woman using a laptop and taking notes.
Stay objective and document the complaint well.

Filing a claim with a mover

Your first step in the moving claim procedure would be to send it to the moving company. And, make sure to send them a formal complaint in writing. You can send a complaint to the mover’s address. Or you can send it via email. In both cases asks the mover to confirm the receipt.

Many customers don’t feel comfortable with this action. However, keep in mind that the mover can’t offer you any compensation without receiving your claim in writing. 

Third-party claim companies

Some movers are using the services of third-party claims companies. This is completely legal. And one more reason why you should send the complaint in writing. So, already when hiring international movers DC area, find out what claims process they use. And, in case they use a claim service, ask them for contacts. So, if needed, you will know where to send the complaint.

Is there a deadline to send complaints to a moving company?

The deadline to file the moving complaint is 9 months. In case you miss this deadline, the moving company will not be obliged to accept your claim. However, the interstate movers in DC may still accept your complaint, and offer you a good-faith settlement.

Upon receipt of your claim, they will need 30 to 60 days to process it. This is the response time in case of an intrastate move. In case of a long-distance move, you can expect the answer within 120 days. And, this is exactly why the confirmation of your written claim is important. If the situation is not resolved in this way, you’ll need to apply to the other agencies.

What can other agencies do for you?

Before starting with calling the other agencies, you can negotiate with your movers one more time. Namely, you can politely advise them about your intention to post a review on some reputable platforms. If that is not giving any results, it is time for other agencies.

When you decide it is time to send complaints to a moving company you can do it through FMCSA

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will accept your complaint and start an investigation in the following cases:

  • breach of the moving contract
  • misleading business practice
  • moving company without insurance or working under an invalid license
A girl sitting in an empty home.
In case your property is held hostage, give a call to the Move Rescue agency.

DOT Office of Inspector General

They will investigate the following types of complaints:

  • fraudulent bill of lading
  • various fraudulent activities (deliberate low-cost estimates, etc)
  • falsifying the number of packing supplies provided for the move

BBB (Better Business Bureau)

They will help you with arbitration service, even if the moving company is not their member.

Move Rescue

In case your property is held hostage, they are the right address. They have extensive experience in dealing with rogue movers.

Finding a reliable moving company is important

As we can see, there are honest and reliable moving companies. Unfortunately, there are also fraudulent companies out there. That is why you must check them, and sign the contract only when you are sure you are dealing with reliable movers. Otherwise, you can face various inconveniences. We could also see when it is time to send complaints to a moving company. And, how to handle the entire complaint procedure. Also, don’t hesitate to contact one of the presented agencies. But, they will all ask for your initial complaint to the moving company. And the other documents too. So, always keep the correspondence. And all other documents related to your move.



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