7 cheap ways to move to Canada


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Relocation is often an expensive process to go through. Regardless if you decide to hire professional movers, like A2B Moving and Storage, or you opt for a DIY relocation. However, the expenses we have during the process of moving are determined by several other factors, like the weight of our items, their complexity, as well as the distance we have to go through. Now, not everyone will have the same funds to support their relocation plans. That is why we talk about 7 cheap ways to move to  Canada without having to spend a fortune. Moreover, bear in mind that we are going to talk about what services you can hire, which methods you can use, as well as how you can impact the overall expense. In many situations you will be able to lower the expenses and allow yourself a much cheaper relocation experience. Let us talk about it.

7 cheap ways to move to Canada

Based on the total area it owns, which includes water as well, Canada is the second-largest country in the world. It is just behind Russia, which is the largest. However, by land alone, Canada is the fourth-largest country in the world. Now, due to the size of the country, moving across it means that you will have to spend a lot of time on the road. So, whether you hire movers, like residential movers Washington DC, or not, you will have to prepare your budget.

a foggy highway with cars disapearing in the distance
The best way to find a cheap way to move across the country is to understand how much you have to carry and the complexity of those items

Furthermore, because the physical geography varies in the country, moving across it means having to move through several different terrains. This can slow down the process even more and make it harder to move. Moreover, this is just another factor that can play a vital part in how much you have to pay for the move.

1. Using portable moving containers

The first thing we want to talk about is portable moving containers. Namely, renting one will be a lot cheaper than having to rent full-service movers. Furthermore, a portable container will allow you to take your time and organize your process the way you find it useful. In the end, you are not the one that will be driving the container to your new home. Instead, you pay for the rent of the container, load it with your items and let someone else deal with transportation. Portable containers give you more control over the process and are relatively cheap.

2. Renting just the moving truck

Instead of hiring all the services of Washington DC movers, you can simply hire the moving truck alone. By renting the truck alone, you ensure that you have minimal expenses during this period. So, for instance, instead of paying for additional services, you rely on yourself and your friends.

two mover sitting inside a moving truck as a cheaper way to move to Canada
By renting just the moving truck, you reduce the expenses of additional moving services you can get from the moving company

Hire a moving truck to transport your belongings and you deal with the packing, wrapping, handling processes yourself. Sometimes, finding cheaper ways to relocate is as simple as thinking outside of the box, which can be seen in this method.

3. One of the cheap ways to move to Canada is to look for discounts

When outside of peak season, which is usually during summer, many moving companies will offer discounts to their customers. These discounts allow people with lower moving budgets to schedule their relocation. So, when you decide to contact long-distance movers Washington DC, remember to ask around if they offer any discounts to clients. These discounts are not mandatory, so you might have to dig a little deeper to find the company that offers them. Nonetheless, getting a 15%-20% discount on your relocation can make a big difference.

4. You do not have to buy all the packing supplies

The packing supplies are an important factor in the protection of your items. However, you do not have to rely on a moving company to purchase these items. Instead, you can simply visit your local stores or shops and see if they have excess cardboard boxes, for example. In most cases, local shops will have a lot of them and they will most likely throw them away. So, if you ask for them, they will gladly give them to you. On the other hand, the following supplies can be either borrowed from someone or bought used online for a cheaper price:

  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Other cushioning materials, like packing peanuts
  • Scissors and tapes are relatively cheap

5. Shipping your items

Another way to relocate is to ship your items via a third-party company. This way, you can relocate your belongings for a cheaper price than usual. However, shipping items can sometimes mean that there will be delays. This is mostly because shipping companies do not wait for a single shipping process to start. In most cases, they will have to wait for a quota to be fulfilled before starting the shipping process. Furthermore, shipping is great if you have a lot of furniture to move. So, hire furniture movers Washington DC to help you do it properly.

6. Decluttering before moving allows cheap ways to move to Canada

This process is not directly connected to the transportation of your belongings, but it plays a vital role. Namely, decluttering is a process that allows you to get rid of items you do not want to take with you. The reality is that every household has those items.

a woman carrying boxes outside of the room
We all have items in our households we do not use and relocation is the perfect time to get rid of them

Because most moving companies base the value of your relocation on the weight and complexity of the items you move, this process is great for lowering the expenses in general. So, devote time to decluttering before you start to organize your move.

7. If you adequately prepare, hiring hourly movers is a good solution

Instead of having to pay for various processes and the distance you move to, you can opt to pay movers by the hour. Namely, by hiring Washington DC hourly movers, you can find cheap ways to move to Canada. However, you want to aim to prepare for the relocation by yourself and use the hourly movers only to relocate your belongings. This way, you do not put the price tag on the weight or complexity, but on the hours the movers need to work to relocate you. Paying movers by the hour is great if you already have a detailed plan on how you want to do this relocation.

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