Helping your kid adjust to a new home and neighborhood in Washington


    Relocation is a difficult process for anyone. Apart from many things that need to be organized there are mixed emotions that we need to deal with. For adults, it might be easier to cope with these feelings. However, for kids, this can be a very challenging time. For that reason, try to delegate jobs during the moving process so you have as much time as you can to spend with your kid. Hiring a reliable moving company such as A2B Moving and Storage will give you extra time to focus on your kid. Still, once the relocation is done you will have to assist your kid to accept the new environment. Helping your kid adjust to a new home and neighborhood in Washington is crucial for your kid’s development. Here are some tips on how to do that.

    Helping your kid adjust to a new home and neighborhood in Washington with conversation

    The conversation is the most important step in helping your kid to adjust to the new environment. This is especially important if you are using long distance movers Washington DC and you have decided to relocate far away from your hometown. You should start having conversations with your kids on daily basis from the day you announce the move. However, talking with them after the move is crucial. Listen to your kids and ask about their feelings. Don’t allow them to press all the emotions since that can have serious consequences. Explain to them that they will be able to meet new friends in Washington and make a list of all the fun activities that you can do together.

    A mother talking with a kid as a wau of helping your kid to adjust to new home and neighborhood in Washington
    Having conversations is a good way of helping your kid adjust to a new home and neighborhood in Washington

    Keep up with a routine

    Once your Washington DC movers relocate you to your new home it is important to start keeping your routine right away. Make sure that your kid doesn’t experience sudden change. For that reason, try to stick to your regular schedule. Make every effort that your kid has regular mealtime and naptime. Also, don’t forget about the traditions and activities that you have together such as book reading or going out for ice cream. Try to find a similar park to the one where you used to go out together. All these little things will make your kid feel like nothing changed and it will be easier to cope with the new environment and neighborhood.

    Involve your kid in the settling-in process

    After your relocation, try to involve your kid in the settling-in process. If you make all the decisions on your own your kid may feel left out which can lead to difficulties in adapting to your new home. Once residential movers Washington DC unload your belongings go through them together with your kid and make a plan for unpacking together. Involve them in the new decoration of your home. Ask your kids if they would like to make any changes comparing to the previous home or to leave everything how it was. Involving your kid in the settling-in process will make them feel important. Also, it will allow them to adjust to the new environment easier.

    Unpack your kid’s room first

    Once you reach your new home don’t feel like you have to do all the unpacking in one day. Start with your kid’s room first and leave other boxes for later. Consider hiring Washington DC hourly movers that will help you only with certain tasks during your relocation process. This way you will not have movers to unpack your boxes and you will be able to make fun activities with your kid out of unpacking. It is important to get your kid involved in the decoration of the kid’s room. By doing this your kid will have a room that will be a familiar environment. 

    A girl sitting playing in the moving box
    Think of some fun activities that you can do with your kid while unpacking

    Helping your kid adjust to a new home and neighborhood in Washington by exploring the area together

    After your furniture movers Washington DC relocate your heavy items and set them up in your new home it is time to go out with your kid and explore the neighborhood. Try to find similar playgrounds to the ones that you had in your old neighborhood. Also, try to find a local restaurant that sells deserts or ice cream and start the tradition of going there with your kid. In the beginning, it is important to be outside as much as possible so your kid can meet new neighbors and the neighborhood itself. This way your kid will feel comfortable in the new environment and there will be no fear of the unknown.

    Organize a playday for the kids from the neighborhood

    Lastly, organizing a playday for your kid will be helpful in the process of adjustment. Having a friend is very important for the kids. For that reason try to set up a playday with parents from school and the neighborhood. Once your kid has friends that are their own age everything will be much easier for the whole family. You will be surprised at how proud they will be of their new home. Your kid will be excited to show new friends the new room and all the toys that are in it.

    Kids playing in the park
    Organize a playday so your kid can make new friends

    Some of the suggestions for a playday are:

    • Organize a theme party in your yard
    • Gather kids in the park and organize a picnic
    • Have a puppet show
    • Organize a painting contest

    Helping your kid adjust to a new home and neighborhood in Washington can be challenging. In case your kid has trouble coping with all the emotions choosing the right child therapist would be one of the options that you should consider. Still, no matter how difficult this change may look it will be good for your kids’ development since they will learn to be more adaptive, open to change, and make friends easier.


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